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Jun 13, 17:30

Workshop 'Researcher’s Personal Brand: Why Bother'

Jun 15, 16:00

International Laboratory for Macroeconomic Analysis Research Seminar on 'Macrofinance: Sigmoidal Dynamics of Money, Debt and Wealth'

Jun 16, 13:00

Laboratory of Complex Systems Modeling and Control Seminar on 'Emergence of Different Dynamics in Counter-Rotating Coupled Oscillators'

Illustration for news: ‘You Need to Properly Evaluate Your Project, See Its Strengths and Weaknesses, and Sell It’

‘You Need to Properly Evaluate Your Project, See Its Strengths and Weaknesses, and Sell It’

Sixteen HSE University students are among the winners of the Student Startup Competition organised by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the Innovation Assistance Foundation. The winners will receive one million rubles each to develop their business projects. One of the winners was HSE MIEM student Maxim Bezel, who presented the financial game ‘Game of Projects’.

Illustration for news: 'Studying and Living in Russia is so Enriching, Fun and Interesting'

'Studying and Living in Russia is so Enriching, Fun and Interesting'

Under an agreement between HSE University-St Petersburg and the University of Trento (UniTrento), students of the Master’s programme 'Modern Social Analysis' can participate in a double degree track. Cecilia Brazioli, from Italy, is a participant of the track who shared her impressions of studying in Russia.

Illustration for news: New RSCI List Includes 944 Journals

New RSCI List Includes 944 Journals

The Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) quality assessment and journal selection working group has updated its list of journals based on the results of expert review and monitoring of the quality of publications. The expert review examined such criteria as the scientific level of the journal, its relevance, its consistency, the level of the scientists on its editorial board, the journal’s adherence to publishing and scientific ethics, and the quality of its formatting.