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News, August 22, 2022

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Tuesday, December 6


Graduate Admissions Webinars: PhD Programme in Economics

Illustration for news: ‘Sustainability in an Unstable Environment is Not a Paradox, but the Norm’

‘Sustainability in an Unstable Environment is Not a Paradox, but the Norm’

The application deadline for the English-language Master of Business Analytics programme has been extended until September 20th. Irina Ivashkovskaya, Professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Head of the School of Finance and Programme Academic Supervisor of the online Master of Business Analytics programme, spoke about why we should study current concepts and methods of business analysis in this era of new economic normality.

Illustration for news: 'Canonisation' of Fanfiction: How Fan Creations Are Reshaping Cultural Canons

'Canonisation' of Fanfiction: How Fan Creations Are Reshaping Cultural Canons

Harry Potter becomes a scientist, 'Hermione has changed a lot over the summer', and the Bennet sisters from Pride and Prejudice are fighting against zombies. A game, an unwillingness to part with one’s favourite characters, an attempt to correct the author's 'mistakes' — all of this is fanfiction. Fan creations, on one hand, draw on cultural canons, and on the other hand, challenge them and offer an alternative vision. High art can no longer ignore fan practices — both as its own mirror reflections and as a space for new opportunities. A paper by HSE researcher Ksenia Romanenko helps us delve deeper into the culture of fanfiction and examine its relationship to the cultural canon.