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Illustration for news: Pursuing a PhD in Russia: ‘Attractive and Exotic’

Pursuing a PhD in Russia: ‘Attractive and Exotic’

After getting his Master’s degree in Computer Science in Rome, Julio Carrasquel decided not to pursue a corporate career in IT, but to move to Moscow to get a PhD at HSE University. As a result, he received a scholarship on the Advanced Doctoral Programme, successfully defended his thesis, and was named one of the university’s Best Teachers. Julio talked with the HSE News Service about his path in academia and life in Russia.

Illustration for news: Russian Scientists Teach AI to Analyse Emotions of Participants at Online Events

Russian Scientists Teach AI to Analyse Emotions of Participants at Online Events

HSE researchers have proposed a new neural network method for recognising emotions and people's engagement. The algorithms are based on the analysis of video images of faces and significantly outperform existing single models. The developed models are suitable for low-performance equipment, including mobile devices. The results can be implemented into video conferencing tools and online learning systems to analyse the engagement and emotions of participants. The results of the study were published in IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing.