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Monday, September 25


International Partners’ Week 'Partnership without Borders'

Educational Forum of the Greater Eurasian Partnership—2023

Participation applications deadline—12:00 pm, September 20 

Conference 'Contemporary Trends and Prospects in the Political Economy of Development'

Deadline for submissions - July 30, 2023 


Temirkhanov Aziz to speak on 'Fast Data Storage Simulation with Generative Models'

Illustration for news: Researchers at HSE Mirror Lab Create Robot Gardener

Researchers at HSE Mirror Lab Create Robot Gardener

Researchers from HSE University and Tambov State Technical University (TSTU) have developed intelligent robotic systems for the monitoring and quality control of fruits and vegetables. The system allows gardeners to carry out agrotechnical and protective activity, ensuring the highest possible quality of the crop.

Illustration for news: Reading Comprehension Not Worsened by Noise, Study Finds

Reading Comprehension Not Worsened by Noise, Study Finds

Researchers of the HSE Centre for Language and Brain have investigated the impact of both auditory and visual noise on semantic processing during reading to determine if it results in a more superficial reading style that emphasises the meanings of individual words over connections between them in a sentence. It appears that noise does not affect reading comprehension but can cause a decrease in reading speed when even unintelligible conversations are occurring nearby. However, when exposed to visual noise, individuals tend to read slightly faster, possibly due to the irritating nature of the noise. The study findings have been published in PLOS ONE.

Illustration for news: What Awaits Participants of the HSE St Petersburg Summer School 2023

What Awaits Participants of the HSE St Petersburg Summer School 2023

From July 3 to August 11, 2023, HSE University-St Petersburg will hold its traditional Summer School, which offers participants various courses in four fields of study. International and Russian students will get a chance not only to gain new knowledge and ECTS credits, but also to enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of summer in St Petersburg. Classes will be held both in Russian and English. Read on to find out more about what the Summer School has in store.