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Illustration for news: Dissertation Defenses at HSE University Move Online

Dissertation Defenses at HSE University Move Online

For the past month, all dissertation defenses at HSE have been conducted online. However, this format is far from new: over the past two years, more than 80% of defenses at HSE University were conducted with at least one committee member attending remotely.

Illustration for news: Winners of Russian National Award in Applied Economics – 2020 Announced

Winners of Russian National Award in Applied Economics – 2020 Announced

This year the award was bestowed on Marco Francesconi (University of Essex, UK), Fabián Slonimczyk and Anna Yurko (HSE University, Moscow). The team of authors was recognized for their article, which reliably proves the increased geographic mobility of high school graduates seeking to obtain a higher education following the introduction of the Unified State Exam.

Illustration for news: History of a Single Illusion: How Interest in 3D Films Led to the Double Discovery of Autostereograms

History of a Single Illusion: How Interest in 3D Films Led to the Double Discovery of Autostereograms

At the end of 1960s, Pete Stephens serendipitously discovered a way to create an autostereogram — an image that creates an illusion of volume without the use of special equipment. However, in fact, this illusion had been described by Lev Mogilev from Irkutsk State University, even earlier in the 1960s. This ‘double discovery’ may have been the result of popular interest in 3D cinema at the time. IQ.HSE cites a paper by researcher Tadamasa Sawada to discuss this double rediscovery of autostereograms.