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Research&Expertise news at HSE University, March 16, 2021

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Illustration for news: Online Platforms Prove to Be Effective in Helping People in Russia Who Use Drugs

Online Platforms Prove to Be Effective in Helping People in Russia Who Use Drugs

The pandemic has increased opportunities to reduce harm resulting from drug use. Against the backdrop of quarantine measures in Russia, an increase in the active development of work through online platforms with people who use drugs has begun. The available results have already demonstrated their effectiveness.

Illustration for news: ‘Science and Art Coming Together is a Key Global Trend’

‘Science and Art Coming Together is a Key Global Trend’

HSE University held a round table devoted to science  documentaries. The participants discussed possible approaches to securing support for movie production and distribution, choosing topics of interest, and encouraging cinemas to show films about science.

Illustration for news: COVID-19 Denial Depends on a Population’s Trust in Social Institutions

COVID-19 Denial Depends on a Population’s Trust in Social Institutions

An international team of scholars studied how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Europeans’ stress levels and their trust in their national governments and the healthcare systems. They found that respondents were most stressed by the state of the national economy, and only after that, by the risk of catching COVID-19 and possibly being hospitalized. In Western Europe, people trust their governments more than in other EU countries. The results of the study were published in Royal Society Open Science.