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Research&Expertise news at HSE University, June 15, 2021

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Sunday, August 1


Summer school 'Cluster Algerbas and Moduli Space'

Deadline for application - May 15, 2021 

Monday, August 2

Illustration for news: Reformatting Research Activity: First Large-Scale Projects Launched at HSE University

Reformatting Research Activity: First Large-Scale Projects Launched at HSE University

Less than a year ago, the Faculty of Humanities at HSE University launched four large-scale projects, bringing together representatives of different disciplines from different departments and campuses of the University. Their goals, content, staffing and expected results were presented at a meeting of the Rector’s Council. Other departments have been tasked with developing their own large-scale projects, which HSE University will be able to include in its application for the ‘Priority 2030’ programme.

Illustration for news: Life with COVID: ‘The Beast Is Dangerous and Needs to Be Watched’

Life with COVID: ‘The Beast Is Dangerous and Needs to Be Watched’

Researchers have yet to evaluate the entire impact of COVID on mortality. However, it is now possible to discuss the first results of some initial studies. The HSE International Laboratory for Population and Health held a webinar ‘The First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Russia (April 2020—March 2021)’. Although the Russian total mortality rate increased during that period, it was Slovakia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Poland that topped the list. The lowest growth in the mortality rate was observed in South Korea. Meanwhile, researchers have failed to detect a lockdown-induced baby boom anywhere in the world.