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Research&Expertise news at HSE University, July 28, 2021

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Sunday, October 2

'Beyond Moscow. Rethinking the International and Transnational Dimensions of the Soviet Republics' Call for Papers. Deadline for proposal submission: January 31, 2022

Deadline for proposal submission: January 31, 2022 

Illustration for news: University Quality, Academic Performance, and Work Experience Are Important Signals in the Labour Market

University Quality, Academic Performance, and Work Experience Are Important Signals in the Labour Market

People with higher education enjoy higher salaries and are at considerably less risk of unemployment. The World Bank estimates that an extra year of university studies in Russia yields an 8% return on investment. The quality of a university, the specific field of study, and students’ individual strategies are all key factors in ensuring success in the labour market. These topics were discussed by Viktor Rudakov, Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Head of the International Laboratory for Institutional Analysis of Economic Reforms, Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, HSE University, in an open lecture on ‘How and Where to Study to Become Successful in the Labour Market’.

Illustration for news: CPD Training of Staff Boosts Self-confidence

CPD Training of Staff Boosts Self-confidence

There is a significant psychological effect of continuing professional development programmes, i.e. people feel more confident in solving problems. After training, employees note that they cope better with tasks both at work and home.

Illustration for news: Wonderful Lanthanides: Researchers Systematize Global Data on the Properties of Rare-Earth Metals

Wonderful Lanthanides: Researchers Systematize Global Data on the Properties of Rare-Earth Metals

Yury Belousov, Associate Professor at the HSE Faculty of Chemistry, joined his colleagues from Moscow State University, Lebedev Physical Institute, and the University of Camerino, Italy, to work on a review, in which they compared and analysed over 200 lanthanide azolecarboxylates. The scholars were the first to systematize the scattered published information in a single source, which will be useful for technology developments in electronics, metallurgy and nuclear medicine, as well as in the chemical and nuclear industries. The review was published in Coordination Chemistry Reviews.