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The HSE Holds a Meeting with University of Turin Leadership

The leadership of the HSE and the faculties recently held a meeting with a delegation from the University of Turin. The participants discussed opportunities for cooperation between the universities, and agreed that the University of Turin would become one of the main international partners of the recently established International Laboratory of Law and Development at the HSE.

Participating in the meeting were Gianmaria Ajani, Professor and Rector of the University of Turin; Sergio Bortolani, Vice Rector on Research Work and Internationalization and Director of the IRCC (the Institute for Cancer Research); Pietro Fré, Science Attaché of the Embassy of Italy in the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Physics, and Fernanda Negro, Assistant to Rector in International Relations.

In his welcoming speech, Yaroslav Kuzminov pointed out that despite the fact that international partnership is being tested for strength today, the HSE’s cooperation continues to develop with foreign partners, which is based on years of experience, trust and mutual understanding of the need to internationalize science and education. 

Support and development of academic and professional cooperation should guarantee a prompt return to a peaceful and constructive dialogue between countries, which should in turn solve common global problems by consolidating intellectual resources.

Although it was established later than relationships with universities in France, Germany, and the Netherlands, partnership with Italian universities is extremely important for the HSE. In fact, HSE professors started collaborating with their Turin colleagues long before this agreement.

Active institutional partnerships (including signing agreements on academic cooperation and student exchange with the University of Bologna (2009), International University College of Turin (2009), the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" (2011), Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (2012), and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Turin (2012)) took place at the time when the HSE was awarded the status of national research university, Kuzminov added.


Today, in cooperation with its international partners, the HSE is able to set new goals concerning the internationalization of science and education


Today, in cooperation with its international partners, the HSE is able to set new goals concerning the internationalization of science and education. Among these are implementing joint interdisciplinary research, preparing joint Master’s programmes in foreign languages, and creating research and educational laboratories and joint councils for defending Master’s and PhD theses.   

The HSE’s Rector pointed out that the university will continue to develop the practice of student and postgraduate internships abroad and create conditions for foreign student admissions.

During the meeting participants not only discussed the areas of cooperation stated above, but also determined the prospects for further cooperation between the universities in economics, finance, management, law, mathematics, and statistics. They paid special attention to the International Laboratory of Law and Development, which was recently founded at the HSE in collaboration with Skolkovo. The laboratory was represented by Alexey Ivanov, Head of the Laboratory and Director of the Skolkovo Department of Legal Policy and Social Development, and Leopold Specht, a renowned Austrian lawyer, entrepreneur, lector and the laboratory’s Academic Supervisor. 

The University of Turin is expected to become one of the main international partners of the laboratory. A leading international competence centre will be created with the University of Turin, which will focus on issues of legal regulation, as well as economic and social development in a globalizing world.

Tatyana Meshkova, specially for the HSE news service

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There Is No Way Back from Globalization, So We Must Learn to Trust Each Other

On January 14, 2019, Professor Giovanni Tria spoke at HSE on contemporary globalization, including its consequences and problems. Below are the key highlights of his talk.

Russian and Italian Intellectuals Speak a Common Language

In late May Moscow hosted a Russian-Italian research conference marking the anniversary of the birth of Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce. The conference entitled 'The Legacy of Benedetto Croce in the 21st Century' was organized by and held at the HSE's Humanities Faculty in conjunction with the Italian Cultural Institute in Moscow.

Spring School Provides Italian Students Intense Exposure to Russian Culture

‘Texts and Places: Introduction to Russian History, Language and Culture’ (I testi dei luoghi: introduzione alla storia, alla cultura e alla lingua russa), an international Spring School at HSE organized jointly by Julia Ivanova, leading research fellow at the Poletayev Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in the Humanities, and the University of Eastern Piedmont Amedeo Avogadro, took place from March 15 to 23.

Mathematics and the Arts: What Does Geometry and Calculus Have to Do with Salvador Dali and War and Peace?

On Tuesday 31st March 2015, Piergiorgio Odifreddi, Professor of Mathematical Logics at the University of Turin, will give a public lecture at HSE titled ‘Mathematics and the Arts’. The lecture is held in cooperation with Istituto Italiano di Cultura, and will examine the deep and close relationships between the objects of Mathematics and of the Arts.Professor Odifreddi, who is also a well-known journalist will talk about ‘a mathematical reading of the arts’, and will present a short history of the visual arts from a mathematical perspective. He talked to the HSE English News service about the surprising connections his unusual approach reveals.

The Study of Narrative — A Lecture by Professor Stefania Sini

Professor Stefania Sini of the Amedeo Avogadro University of Eastern Piedmont, Italy gave a lecture at HSE on the basic principles of the study of narrative. Sini is a philologist who studies the problems of contemporary liberal arts theory and the history of the humanities. She also studies modern Russian culture and in particular, the philosophical ideas of Mikhail Bakhtin.

Higher School of Economics Expands Cooperation with University of Turin

On December 3, 2014 an Italian delegation led by the Rector of the University of Turin, Gianmaria Ajani, visited HSE. First Counsellor of the Embassy of Italy in the Russian Federation, Agostino Pinna and Pietro Fre, Deputy Head of Theoretical Physics Department and Attaché for Science of the Embassy of Italy in the Russian Federation were also present. The heads of the two universities signed two new cooperation agreements to extend the already existing links between them.

Joint MA Programmes: A View from Italy

A press conference on further development of the double degree programme took place at the University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy. University Rector Alessandro Rugieri said that, in Italy people understand how important cooperation with Russia is – in particular cooperation with HSE in Nizhny Novgorod – which is home to over a million residents and plays a key role in the country’s economic life.

Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia: 'Be in love with your country, but also love other cultures'

On November 11, the HSE hosted an open lecture by Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia. He talked about the upcoming international exhibition Expo 2015, which will take place in Milan from May-October next year, and about the transformations underway in Milan as an urban environment. He extended an invitation to HSE to take part in Expo Milano 2015, saying that Milan was 'ready to offer a forum for interesting projects' proposed by leading universities.

HSE and University of Bologna sign new agreement on dual-degree programme

Students in HSE’s Political Analysis and Public Policy master’s programme who have studied for at least a semester at the University of Bologna and successfully defended their thesis will be able to receive degrees from both universities. Similarly, Italian students who study for a semester or a year at the HSE will have the same opportunity.

‘Economists should help policymakers to find solutions to this challenge to provide a forum where young people and adults may clash without resorting to the barricades ’

Researchers from Italy have been working on a joint project with the HSE’s Professor Olga Demidova looking at “The Political Economy of Youth Unemployment”. Professor Enrico Marelli, and Prof. Maria Laura Parisi, Economists at the University of Brescia and Elina De Simone from the University of Naples Parthenope, answered the HSE news portal’s questions about their research into youth unemployment in Russia and Italy.