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Shadow Theatre, Designer Cake, and other Reasons to Come to the HSE's Art Night

Shadow Theatre, Designer Cake, and other Reasons to Come to the HSE's Art Night

On November 3, Moscow will play host to Art Night. Visitors will be welcomed to theatres, museums, libraries, and higher education institutions. The HSE is also offering its own programme of entertainment — the Art of Dreaming. Here are several reasons why you should make sure you visit the HSE's Art Night.

1. You've always wanted to see what Myasnitskaya Street looks like without cars.

Myasnitskaya street will be a pedestrian zone, and will be transformed into a single art space, in which the University buildings are the main players. The section of the street from Bankovsky to Krivokolenny Pereulok will become a stage — where hourly shows involving students and teachers at the University will be performed.

2. You thought managers don't sing and political experts don't dance. Art Night offers an opportunity to break down these stereotypes.

HSE stars singer Sergei Mirzakhanyan (Faculty of Management), deputy world DanceSport champion Anastasia Kulbeda (Perm Campus, Faculty of Management), and member of the George Brassens French chanson choir Kamilla Gracheva (School of Politics), members of the HSE Star Dance dance studio, Creative dance workshop, the HSE's Force Majeure choir, and student KVN comedy contest teams.

3. You always thought that there's not enough poetry in Moscow Fall evenings. That's not going to be the case on this occasion.

Poems by Zhukovksy, Pushkin, Lermontov, Fet', Bryusov, Blok, Gumilev, Bunin, Esenin, Tsvetaeva, and Mayakovsky will be recited from the balconies of Myasnitskaya 11 (Mayakovsky, incidentally, lived on that street). They'll be recited by members of HSE's Poetry Workshop, who will also read their own work.

4. You never had time to get to exhibitions in the evening. On Art Night the exhibition is taking place at the University and will be open until 1 am.

The University's new campus (Myasnitskaya 11) will house the Design School's Latest Teachers' Exhibition where pieces by well-known artists and designers, including Protey Temen, Alexander Djikia, Arseny Meshcheryakov, Oleg Pashchenko, as well as graphic 'street art' and video-installations which will change the space.

5. You've always fought two competing urges – to get some culture, and to eat cake. Now the HSE design school has finally heard you – and is baking an edible work of art – cake.

Designers Eric Belousov and Igor Gurovich are working on their 'Banquet', starring a designer cake. It is a completely edible piece of art. Hurry, and maybe you'll get a slice!

6. You thought that science was difficult and boring. On this night you'll be able to watch several science films and find out that science is as much of an art as poetry or painting.

Even if you've already seen the films that were screened at this year's 360 degrees film festival, drop by Myasnitsky 20 where they'll be showing short films back to back from previous years' festivals, so you're sure to find something you haven't already seen.

7. Finally you can peek in the windows and not worry about what other people think.

The windows of Myasnitsky 11 will be turned into a theatre of shadows, accompanying the action on the main stage.

8. You not only have the opportunity to enjoy other people's creativity, but also to try your hand at any one of these different forms of art.

Draw a henna tattoo, decorate bags, draw in sand, and create graphic illustrations – you can do all this and more at the HSE Arts Workshop. After all, we've all got an inner artist!

9. A reason to come - specially for non-HSE visitors.

You can go through the arc at Myasnitskaya 20 and into the courtyard – which is usually closed to passers by. This space has been turned into an Art Courtyard of Dreams, where you will be able to enjoy a light show, rest on benches decorated by students from the HSE's Design School, and have your picture taken in a photo-booth. Be sure to notice the building's pink facade, that is not visible from the street. It dates back to the eighteenth century, and boasts the 1924 version of the USSR's emblem. 

10. A reason for older people.

If you can't understand young poeple today, then HSE's Art Night is an opportunity to find out what today's young people dream about.

Date: November 3, 8 pm – 1 am

Address: Myasnitskaya Ulitsa 20 and Myasnitskaya Ulitsa 11

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