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Evgeny Yasin is 81

On May 7th 2015 HSE’s Academic Supervisor Evgeny Yasin had his 81st birthday. There’s hardly a soul in HSE who needs to be told just how much Professor Yasin has done for the university. He isn’t only the initiator of research at HSE. It is thanks to him, and some like-minded people, that the university actually came to life. What began as a university for graduates, has rapidly, and uniquely, become one of the top universities in the country.  

The ideas for so many HSE projects have come from the mind of Professor Yasin. The 16th April Conference, the biggest academic event of the year which he organises, has just taken place. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the conference is how barriers, geographical, generational and hierarchical simply melt away. More foreign academics come every year, even first year undergraduates are allowed to chat with leading professors and protocols regarding academic status are set aside during free discussions.

Evgeny Yasin sees getting students involved in academic life,  introducing them to the best practitioners and simply to remarkable people as one of his most important tasks. That’s why he organises so many research and educational events for young people and with their participation. His seminar with the intriguing name, ‘Secrets of Research Cooking’ ran for a long time and his student seminars on ‘The Shadow Economy’ and ‘Economic Policy in a Period of Transition’ continue. He also founded the Documentary Cinema Lover’s Club with its regular showings and discussions of current documentaries.  

Another ‘Yasin event’ will be taking place on the 12th of May - the next meeting in the series ‘More Important than Politics’. The main topic will be volunteering and charity. Professor Yasin is inviting everyone who is not indifferent to the wellbeing of others to join in this important conversation. 

Evgeny Grigorievich is someone with whom you can talk openly on any subject. It’s no coincidence that the chapter about him in Generation HSE, Students on Teachersis called ‘The Workshop of Free Thinking’.

Happy Birthday Professor Yasin!

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Evgeny Yasin Turns 83

HSE’s Academic Supervisor celebrated his birthday on May 7. This year Professor Yasin has even more reason to celebrate: not only is he celebrating his 83rd birthday, HSE is marking the 25th anniversary of its founding, and throughout that time, Professor Yasin has had the pleasure of being the university’s Academic Supervisor.

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On May 7th, the Academic Supervisor of the Higher School of Economics, Evgeny Yasin, celebrated his 82nd birthday.

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5th September is the 80th birthday of the outstanding sociologist and political scientist Ronald Inglehart, Academic Supervisor of the HSE’s International Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (LCSR).

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Meeting in the Kremlin on 27th November, they talked about the achievements of the University and its future.

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