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Sergei Lando Celebrates His 60th Birthday

On July 9, Professor and first dean of the HSE’s Faculty of Mathematics Sergei Lando celebrates his 60th birthday.

‘At home in childhood I was surrounded by math books, and I found solving problems really interesting. Becoming a mathematician was the only path for me in life,’ Lando says in his book ‘HSE Generation. Teachers on Teachers’, published to mark HSE’s 20th anniversary.

Now it seems that the University was also destined to open a mathematics department, as seven years ago this task, of setting up some competition for the Mechanical Mathematics Department or the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology may have seemed overly ambitious.

Professor Lando’s key to success, as a student of the respected academic Vladimir Arnold, is in the team of teachers he was able to gather at the faculty. ‘For several years in a row we have been able to attract talented students to the faculty’ he said.  ‘This kind of stability would have been impossible without first-class teachers. The range of our professors and associate professors has grown significantly, including as a result of attracting very strong professors from abroad.’

Sergei started teaching very early, when he was in his second year at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, teaching eighth graders. ‘I was there to teach them that math exists, it is beautiful and interesting; some people are able to perceive that, and I had a completely natural desire to communicate it to them.’

Communicating the ‘beauty of mathematics’ is something Lando is really good at. The Fields Medal Committee, which inspected the faculty, recognized the BA course as among the top 100 best mathematics faculties in the world. And mathematical research at HSE today involves renowned researchers such as Professor Fedor Bogomolov (who heads the International Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry and its Applications), and Fields Medal winner Andrey Okounkov (who heads the International Laboratory of Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics).

Sergei Lando was awarded the HSE Medal (II Class) for his work to set up the Mathematics Faculty. ‘I am confident that in the future mathematics at HSE will continue to develop, and that this development will benefit both HSE and mathematics,’ he said, accepting the award at a recent Academic Council meeting.



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The speakers of the International Congress of Mathematicians, a key global mathematics event held every four years by the International Mathematical Union, have been announced. The next ICM will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia, in July 2022. Five researchers from the HSE Faculty of Mathematics will present their papers at the congress.

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‘HSE Offers the Opportunity to Study Mathematics Alongside Renowned Mathematicians as Part of a Vibrant Research Community’

HSE University’s Faculty of Mathematics is one of the strongest in Russia, consistently ranking high on global university rankings. Its degree programmes attract the best students, not only from Russia, but also from around the world, by offering them a well-rounded mathematical education and a wide range of learning opportunities.  In an interview with HSE News Service, a Master’s student and an HSE alum talk about features of the HSE Master’s Programme in Mathematics.

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In celebration of Russia’s Year of Science and Technology, we continue our series about HSE University’s international laboratories, which are headed by world-class scientists and scholars. The first of these, the Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry and Its Applications, was established in October 2010. Below, Laboratory Head Dmitry Kaledin discusses the Lab’s history, research, achievements, and current activities.

Two HSE University Researchers Among Winners of Research Excellence Award Russia 2021

Elsevier (operated by Scopus) has awarded its prestigious Research Excellence Award since 2005. This year, it celebrates the Year of Science and Technology in Russia. On March 30, Elsevier awarded the winning scholars, which included Maxim Kotsemir, Research Fellow at the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge, and Dmitry Vetrov, Professor at the HSE Faculty of Computer Science.

HSE Faculty of Mathematics Receives Mega-Grant from the Russian Government

43 projects from all over the country were awarded grants in Russia’s Eighth Mega-Grant Competition. HSE University’s application in support of the creation of a world-class laboratory in mathematics was among the winners. The academic supervisor of the new laboratory will be Professor Michael Shapiro of Michigan State University (USA).

First International Recipient of DSc Degree in Mathematics From HSE University

Edmond W.H. Lee, a full professor at the Department of Mathematics, Nova Southeastern University, USA, has recently defended his Doctor of Sciences (DSc) thesis at the Dissertation Council in Mathematics, HSE University. The DSc in Russia is a higher doctoral degree that can be earned after the PhD. Professor Lee’s defence was held over Zoom, with the candidate and his dissertation committee members participating remotely from 5 cities in Brazil, Israel, Russia, and the USA. Lee became the first international recipient of a DSc degree in Mathematics from HSE University.

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The new dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, Alexandra Skripchenko, talks about the world’s best mathematics department and student freedoms.

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