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HSE Has Chosen Best Student Projects

Winners of Iron Egg, the biggest student award, have received their prizes. This year, 33 student associations competed in 11 nominations in the contest finals.

The Iron Egg award was founded by HSE students in 2004, inspired by the Golden HSE Award. The contest demonstrates the projects that university students consider the most relevant, important and outstanding. HSE students vote online to first nominate and then choose the winners.

This year, the awards ceremony took place at the Russian Song theatre. In the lobby, guests were welcomed by photographers and journalists from student media. Student associations organized interactive spaces and entertainment for the guests. For example, HSE Theatre offered fortune-telling sessions in a tent, The Vyshka printed photos on InstaPrinter, and HSE Arts Studio offered everyone the chance to draw HSE. Beeline, the primary sponsor of the event, hosted a lounge zone in the lobby, which attracted a lot of visitors, and raffled off tickets to an electronic music festival.

At the 2017 ceremony, student projects competed in 12 nominations, one of which was founded by HSE Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov.

Charity Project

This nomination presented HSE projects that help other people: Donor Day, Open Your Eyes, and Best Buddies. The Donor Day project won. Its organizers urged HSE students and staff to participate in all charity projects and said that in real life, there is no competition between them.

Interactive Projects

HSE Research Fight Club, HSE Legal English Club, and HSE Role-playing Club were nominated in this group. Research Fight Club was elected winner, and the organizers promised to hold one more fight very soon, and thanked the students for their thrilling research.

Enlightenment Project

Students voted for a number of different educational projects in this nomination, such as Civil Education, ICEF Evening School andHSE Case School.The winner – HSE Case School – prepares students for the most popular case-based championships, and its graduates frequently take top prizes at these contests.

On Trend

The most visible student projects competed in this nomination: Miss HSE, Jewish Club, and Porech’e. The young Jewish Club, founded only two months ago, won the vote.

Adaptation Project

We Are Together, a vocational guidance club, was elected the winner. Its competitors were the Faculty of Social Sciences School and the Young Psychologist School. All these associations work with school children, help them choose their profession, and prepare them for the student life.

Special-Purpose Project

The nomination included Culture Night by Chamber of Nationalities, Middle East Club, and Yoga HSE, which won the Iron Egg. Yoga HSE is organized by HSE students living in the Dubki dormitory. They have been organizing regular yoga classes for three years, and now they are planning to expand their initiative throughout HSE.

Best HSE Media

Popular HSE media, such as HSE PRESS, TV HSE, and The Vyshka, were all nominated in this category. The students voted for The Vyshka, which means that it repeated its 2015 success.


The category nominated HSE.life, Secret Santa, and Notes by HSE Gourmets. The Telegram channel HSE.life (t.me/hse_life)won the prize.


The youngest student associations, V Tochku talk show, HSE Alma Mater, which organizes workshops and meetings with HSE graduates, and the unbeatable HSE Orchestra, which has brought together students and staff, were all nominated in this category. The prize went to HSE Alma Mater.

Achievement of the Year

The nomination included not only student associations that achieved great success this year, HSE Sports Club and Green HSE, but also to an individual, Dmitry Ovakimyan, chairman of the HSE Student Council. Green HSE, the main activist for the environment and everything green at HSE, won the nomination.

Mass Culture Project

The nomination included two theatres, HSE Theatre and Le Defi Russian-French theatre, as well as the MuzVyshka’17 music festival. The HSE music festival, revived after a two-year break, won the prize.

Special Rector’s Award

HSE Theatre received a special award from Rector. It was delivered by Igor Chirikov, HSE Vice Rector. This year, HSE Theatre is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is holding the 19th theatre season.

All photos and videos from the ceremony will be available at the Iron Egg official VK group.

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