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Winter Student Project Contest Results Announced

12 projects have been named as winners in the winter Student Project Contest. These projects will get financial and organizational support from HSE, and the initiatives will be implemented this year.

On March 14 and 15, the Student Project Contest public defense process took place. Today, we are announcing the contest winners. They have successfully passed the expert assessment, attracted the students’ attention at the public vote, and defended their ideas before the Funding Council.

Over 80 projects were submitted to the winter Student Project Contest. 56 of them passed the first stage of moderation and participated in the student and expert vote. The most popular categories in the contest were Research & Education and Culture & Entertainment.

Some traditional HSE events have participated in the contest. For example, students from Ingroup CTC successfully defended their HSE Run project (the next one is scheduled for April 15) for the fifth time. The Intellectual Clubs’ Association won with the annual festival ‘Intellectual Crow’. The winter contest also saw some brand new projects and discoveries. For example, in June we’ll see a huge Green Festival by Green HSE, and hopefully, Slavoj Žižek’s bust will appear at the media-courtyard*. The full list of the projects (in Russian) is available at the project contest page on the HSE Family site.

A total of 12 student projects are receiving support:


Project title

Final score (25% open vote + 25% expert assessment + 50% public defense)

Maximum funding, roubles

New season of the ‘World Cuisines’ cooking show


96 000

Intellectual Crow 2018 tournament


100 000

Green Festival


190 441

Negotiation technology club championship UGights among HSE St. Petersburg students


66 100



82 710

HSE Football Championship


122 700

HSE Culture Night


94 984



72 020

HSE Exchange Night


87 000

Best Buddies HSE’s trip to Ethnomir


42 200

Lucky Žižek


100 000

21st symposium ‘City of the Future in the Context of Digitalization’


70 000


The Student Initiative Support Centre would like to congratulate the winners and thank all the participants for their nitiative! The next contest will take place in April – May. If, for some reason, you didn’t win the previous contest, you can refine your application and try again.

The application period will be announced on the contest website and VK group.

*The funding for the bust installation will be allocated only if the students get written approval of the project and the bust design by Slavoj Žižek.