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Student Projects Collect 5,069 HSEcoins Before Taking a Break

Student Projects Collect 5,069 HSEcoins Before Taking a Break


At the beginning of the new academic year, HSE launched a new mechanism to support student projects called HSEcoin.  The first phase of fundraising through this platform took place from September 13 to November 20. During this time, student projects managed to collect 5,069.14 HSEcoins, which equals more than one million roubles based on 2018 exchange rates.  Below is a summary of the first phase of the HSEcoin campaign.

First HSEcoin Donators

During two months of the HSEcoin campaign, students donated over 5,000 HSEcoins to student projects. The HSEcoin rate this year was 200 roubles per 1 HSEcoin. The average donation was 0.86 HSEcoin.

First-year students were the most active in donating their HSEcoins most actively, giving over 2,000 HSEcoins to various projects. As for the faculties, most HSEcoins were donated by the students from the Faculty of Communications, Media and Design, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Most HSEcoins were donated on HSE Day, September 13th, when the platform was launched, and each student received an HSEcoin. Most HSEcoins were also spent in the first three weeks of the platform's work and before the deadline.

First projects to raise HSEcoins

Of the 17 projects created on the platform, 13 have successfully raised funds (four of them have collected 100% of their target, and nine projects raised over 70% of the stated goal and can use these funds). All successful projects can be found on HSE Family website.

HSE App and HSE Bot raised the necessary funds — 110 HSEcoins (22,000 roubles) — in a record 4.5 hours. This money will help to improve service work, launch a telegram bot and develop an Android app.

The editorial office of The Vyshka is the leader in the number of donations: the team collected 2008 HSEcoins (almost 402,000 roubles), which is half of all donated HSEcoins, although the figure does not represent 100% of their target.

The HSE Intellectual Club Association collected 30,000 roubles, which is equal to 150 HSEcoins, which will be used to help organize their 35th quiz championship; these HSEcoins will be spent on prizes and medals for the winners.

Six Voron, a student organization, will arrange a leisure room in Dormitory 6 with their 145 HSEcoins (29,000 roubles), while the multi-language anti-club #poboltaem? plans to spend a similar amount on tea and cookies for relaxed and comfortable international interaction.

The student rap community Vyshka Rhymes and the student magazine DOXA raised over 70% of their target to buy technical equipment necessary for projects’ functioning.

HSE KVN League raised funds to organize HSE Fun Weekend, while the documentary film club OPIA collected 83% of their goal and held the festival of West Berlin culture, <61-89 >.

ATartar language speaking club from the TatarIn association and the expansion of the HSE Mafia club also proved to be successful projects.

Just before the platform’s closing, several more projects managed to raise funds:

  • Students from Dormitory 7 collected HSEcoins to organize a leisure room in Dormitory 7.
  • HSE student curators want to hold a night skating event; they raised 750 HSEcoins (150,000 roubles) to rent a rink and equipment for IceVyshka project.
  • HSE chess club collected 250 HSEcoins (50,000 roubles) to hold a Winter Chess School for students/

Future of HSEcoin

The HSEcoin platform is taking a break for the winter holidays. The organizers will analyse the initial results of the HSE crowdfunding campaign and will return with an improved version of HSEcoin in 2019.

Detailed materials about the winning projects will soon be published on Studlife HSE, where the organizers will share the secrets of a successful crowdfunding campaign inside HSE.

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In 2018, MIEM became HSE University’s first department to officially introduce project work to its curriculum. Students choose their projects in September and present them in poster form in January. The January poster session serves as an interim evaluation mechanism before student present their final versions of their projects before an expert jury in May and June.

Project-Based Learning to Become the Core of the Updated Educational Model at HSE University

The best features of the university model created by HSE over the years will be preserved, but a new model is essential for further development. This new model will focus on project-based learning for all students, as well as the digital transformation in the field of education.

A Robot Instead of a Term Paper: Four HSE Student Engineering Projects

Starting this academic year, hands-on project work has officially been incorporated into the MIEM educational programme curricula. Working within real-world professional parameters, current third-year students designed, soldered or coded projects for real clients. Once the students presented their projects at a final defense, a Tech Show was held at HSE University for the first time on June 10.

Ideal Form: I Shape My World

From March 8th to April 7th, 2019 HSE ART GALLERY is hosting a large-scale exhibition on the topic of Women Who Change the World. This joint project by HSE ART GALLERY and LEVI`S® has given HSE Art and Design School students the opportunity to realize their ideas on this important theme.

‘I Wanted a Programme Which Could Change My Way of Thinking And Open New Doors’

Master’s programme in Prototyping Future Cities offered by the HSE Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism was launched in 2017 and has since become quite popular among international students. Students from all over the world come to Moscow to learn how to use technologies to deal with future challenges of urban development. Two of the first-year students have talked to HSE News Service about studying on the programme and the projects they have been working on.

Two HSE Student Projects Won Prizes in Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards 2018

The projects ‘Twelve Labours of PR Expert’ and ‘MuzVyshka’ were among the winners at Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards 2018, Eastern Europe’s largest award in communications.


HSEcoins have been donated by HSE students to finance student projects over the first few days of a new crowdfunding platform’s existence.

All Students to Be Given HSEcoins at HSE Day

At the beginning of the new academic year, HSE launched a new mechanism for supporting student projects – HSEcoin. Now students will be the ones deciding how financing will be distributed to student initiatives.

‘HSE Science Battles’ Receives Special Prize at ‘Silver Archer’ Award

On February 16, the ‘Silver Archer’ prizes were awarded in Moscow. HSE Science Battles, a project designed by HSE students, made it to the top three in the ‘Technologies of the Future’ category. It was also judged ‘best project’ in this category by the student jury, and was awarded a special prize by Russian Venture Company, the category’s partner.

HSE Science Battles Short-listed for the ‘Silver Archer’ Prize

The winner of the Student Project Contest, the HSE Science Battles, has been short-listed for an award recognizing development in the field of Public Relations, the ‘Silver Archer’ prize. Organizers of the Battles will now fight for the major prize in PR. They’ll be up against the biggest Russian and international communication firms in a show-down that will be open to the public on February 16 at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.