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HSE Art and Design School to Co-host 'Design: Vertical & Horizontal Growth' Conference

HSE Art and Design School to Co-host 'Design: Vertical & Horizontal Growth' Conference

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The event, supported by the Cumulus Association, a global association of art and design universities, will take place online from October 28-30. It will be organized by three Russian universities: HSE University, St. Petersburg State University, and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The conference will focus on today’s most pressing issues in the field of design.

The Design: Vertical & Horizontal Growth online conference programme consists of three tracks: ‘Future Human’, ‘Creative Industry’,  and ‘Inter-action’. The HSE Art and Design School will host the ‘Future Human’ track,  which will examine the human body as a site for transformations—morphological and media. Lectures and discussions will focus on questions such as: In what new ways is the human body perceived? What are the norms and boundaries of the new corporeality? Does ‘body modification’ upend our usual ideas about corporeality? How are questions about the nature of our ‘I’ formulated today?

Key lectures of the ‘Future Human’ track'

Lev Manovich (City University of New York, USA): ‘Artificial Intelligence, Aesthetics, and Future of Culture’

 Laini Burton (Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Australia): ‘Filters and Fakery—The 21st Century Mask’

 Dmitry Bulatov (Baltic branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts): ‘Posthuman Curating’

 Round Table with Ars Electronica Curators (Christl Baur, Olga Vad, Helena Nikonole, Andriesh Gandrabur): ‘Art and Technology Trends in Pandemic Realty’.

Tatiana Rivchun, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Communications, Media, and Design, notes that organizing the conference is an important step for the HSE Art and Design School. ‘We started our journey five years ago when we joined Cumulus, the global association of creative universities, which is a partner of this event,’ she says. ‘The topics of these kinds of conferences that lie at the intersection of education and research can serve as an occasion to develop new areas of research and are a source of inspiration both for our graduate students and for everyone who, regardless of professional background, is interested in art, design, media and culture.’

Cumulus is a global university association that serves art and design education and research. The association includes 340 universities from 61 countries, including universities that rank in the top 10 in the Art & Design category of the QS international ranking for 2020.

Learn more about the full conference programme and register for free here.

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Big Animation Festival Features 12 Works by HSE Art and Design School Students

This year’s Big Animation Festival featured a number of films by HSE Art and Design School students and curators. Out of 1,501 applications received from 89 countries, the Festival jury selected 95 films to participate in the Russian competition and 90 for the foreign one. Twelve works by students of the Bachelor’s Programme ‘Animation and Illustration’, as well as six animated films by curators of HSE University Art and Design School made it into the competition. HSE News Service spoke with some of the participants about making video clips for popular musical groups, inspiration, and the importance of festivals.

‘I Want To Reflect the Crazy Times We Are Living in, Where Everything Is Upside Down’

On November 10th,HSE ART GALLERY opened an exhibition showcasing pieces by second-year students of the Master’s programme in ‘Contemporary Art’ under the supervision of famous Russian artist, Vladimir Dubossarsky. A special feature of the exhibition is its sound design: all the images are accompanied by compositions of sound artists, most of whom are also students of the HSEArt and Design School. They focused on the theme of forced relationships, the impact of the pandemic on the creative process, and the mixing of art forms.

HSE Art and Design School Students Among Winners of Arch Moscow 2020 Student Project Competition

At Arch Moscow 2020, master’s students of the HSE Art and Design School won the student project competition in the category ‘Best Architectural and Planning Solution’. In the competition, participants had to conduct a comprehensive analysis of Yauza River bank territories and propose a project for their redevelopment.

‘With My Installation, I Invite Viewers to Feel Like Kids’

The NOW exhibition, featuring works by alumni of the Design and Contemporary Art profile, will continue its run at the HSE ART GALLERY for one more weekend before it ends on October 11. HSE News Service spoke with the featured artists about how they answered the question ‘Who are we right now?’ and what they would like to convey to viewers with their work.

HSE Art Gallery Opens Third Exhibition Season

The gallery is celebrating its return from working from home to regular offline life with the recently opened exhibition ‘NOW’. This exhibition displays graduation projects by nine graduates of the programme in Design and Contemporary Art.

Cult Film Characters and a Bicycle Projector: How HSE Art and Design School Alumnae Created Video Clips for Moskino

Animation artists Katya Mikheeva, Yulia Kulikova, and Ekaterina Zhuzhleva (Design, ‘20) created animated video clips outlining cinema patron rules for Moskino, an organization that manages 14 cinemas in Moscow. Yulia Kulikova and Katya Mikheeva spoke with the HSE News Service spoke about their artistic choices and what drew them to animation.

Students from HSE Art and Design School Present Works at Blazar Young Contemporary Art Fair

The Blazar Fair, a satellite event of Cosmoscow, is designed to help young talents develop and promote themselves. Fresh ideas, trends, Russian and international practices of contemporary art - all of this can be found at the Museum of Moscow from September 9 to 13, 2020.

HSE Art and Design School at the International Ars Electronica Festival

The HSE Art and Design School is participating in the Ars Electronica Festival, one of the main international events in art, science, and technology. Catch the School’s programme on the festival’s online platform from September 9 to 13.

HSE University School of Art and Design in St. Petersburg and ‘Manege’ Open a Joint Exhibition

On August 14, the ‘Thirty Three Characters’ project, which was created by the HSE University School of Art and Design in St. Petersburg in partnerships with the ARKI Creative Workshop, will open at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in St. Petersburg. The project combines a series of outdoor installations dedicated to the Cyrillic alphabet.

‘Call Me Back on My Home Phone’: Master’s Students of the HSE Art and Design School Present Their Work Online

The HSE Art and Design School has launched a digital gallery, the HSE ONLINE GALLERY, for displaying the work of its students and instructors. One of the first projects completed by first-year students of the master's track in ‘Contemporary Art’ is entitled ‘Call Me Back on My Home Phone’. The online exhibition is curated by Russian artist Vladimir Dubosarsky. HSE News Service takes a look at the students’ creative process in self-isolation and the future of art online.