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‘We Support Young Brands and Make Them Visible’

On March 7, the HSE Art Gallery hosted the opening of ‘Design Futures: Synesthesia’, an exhibition featuring works by students of product and jewellery design at the HSE Art and Design School. The event runs from March 9–May 7.

The exhibition marked the launch of Design Futures, a new programme to support students of the school who are working in the field of subject and jewellery design. Under the project, student works serve as the basis for creating a brand and a line of products. The Art and Design School provides promotional support and assistance implementing the first products and prototypes.

Maria Stepanova

Maria Stepanova, curator of the ‘Design Futures: Synesthesia’ exhibition and head of Product and Industrial design at the Art and Design School, noted that this is a debut exhibition for the field and the HSE Art Gallery. ‘This is a major and important step for us. We are announcing a new programme to support students—Design Futures—and a general field—Creative Futures. By doing so, we are bringing together object design, jewellery design, fashion, and even games. We support young brands and make them visible,’ she noted.

Daria Kuznetsova

Daria Kuznetsova, Director of the HSE Art Gallery and curator of the ‘Design Futures: Synesthesia’ exhibition, spoke in more detail about the contents of the exhibition itself. ‘The hall is divided into three sections. The first features a levitating air tent containing décor items—cute everyday things that make our home cosier like plates, cups, candles, and vases. The second hall presents larger, more serious objects: armchairs, tables, ottomans, bedside tables, etc. This hall showcases the achievements of our students, very cool items that could be launched in the product design market right now. In the third hall, you can see jewellery masterpieces lit by student-designed lamps,’ she explains.

Creators: Anya Ovchinnikova and Sofia Kravchenko

As part of the event, Anya Ovchinnikova displayed chairs for the Woody company and mushroom shelves. ‘These are all completely different projects. They are not related to each other, and each of them is an individual piece,’ she said.

Vladislav Khegai, first-year student of the Master’s in Product and Industrial Design at HSE University, presented a chess set made of cement-gypsum mortar, a metal FLOW table, a leaf-shaped armchair, and a beige armchair in a maximalist style shaped like a hyperbola. ‘For the chess set, I first made a 3D mould in a computer program and printed it out. I then added the finishing touches, and created models into which I poured silicone then cement-gypsum mortar. It sounds quick and easy, but in practice it was a very laborious and time-consuming process,’ explains Vladislav Khegai.

Chess set
Creator: Valeria Orlova

Valeria Orlova, second-year student of the Master’s in Product and Industrial Design, also presented a chess set. ‘My work is made from felt. The pieces are unique as you can fold them up and fit them inside the board itself. You can easily take it with you in a suitcase or bag. They don’t become crumpled because felt is very durable and firm—it doesn’t rip or lose its colour,’ she explains.

The HSE News Service also spoke to visitors of the exhibition about their thoughts and impressions of the objects on display.

Anna Nazarikova and Sofia Chabykina, first-year students of the Bachelor’s in Management in Creative Industries at HSE University, visited the exhibition. ‘I absolutely love the atmosphere here,’ said Anna. ‘I have been following all the exhibitions held at the HSE Art Gallery for a long time, as I worked here for a while as a media manager and the things that go on here always impress me.’ Sofia added that they were invited to the exhibition by their lecturer Daria Kuznetsova. ‘We should always keep up to date with events,’ said Sofia. ‘I am also interested in design—all of this is very interesting to me. We are currently also working on an exhibition of our graduation project, and we need to know how such exhibitions are created and learn more about this field. It was very interesting here today. They are still only students, but they make super professional and unique things.’

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On July 3, 2024, the Yandex Museum on Paveletskaya in collaboration with the HSE Art and Design School opened an exhibition showcasing familiar objects that have been given new forms, functions, and meanings. The exhibition features the projects of finalists from a competition organised by the HSE Art and Design School and the Yandex Museum. Visitors can explore works created by young designers and talented students of the HSE Art and Design School, who have reimagined familiar objects in the context ofmodern life.

'Potsherds and Spindles. Joy and Burden': New Exhibition at HSE ART GALLERY

A series of paired solo exhibitions has been launched at the HSE ART GALLERY on Pionerskaya: projects by teachers and students of the HSE Art and Design School are now exhibited at one venue. The first project in this series is by Vladislav Efimov, a teacher, and Alexandra Zamuruyeva, a student of the ‘Design and Contemporary Art’ programme.

Season Eight of HSE CREATIVE OPEN Competition Begins

HSE CREATIVE OPEN international online competition of the HSE Art and Design School opens the summer season featuring new categories: ‘Visual Research,’ ‘Game Design,’ ‘Motion Design,’ ‘Poster,’ and ‘Digital Product.’

‘Everything Evermore All at Once’: New Exhibition at HSE ART GALLERY

HSE ART GALLERY, which was established in 2018, has launched a new exhibition area. The first project in the new space opened on May 28, 2024. The exhibition represents works by more than 50 HSE Art and Design School students and graduates in Contemporary Art, Fashion, and Subject Design.

HSE ART GALLERY 2.0: Relaunch and New Space at the Winzavod

HSE ART GALLERY, which was established in 2018, is launching a new exhibition area. This second gallery will be in Winzavod, one of the largest private centres for contemporary art in Russia. The art space on Paveletskaya will become a place for implementing commercial projects and housing exhibitions by HSE Art and Design students and graduates.

HSE University and Pobeda Airlines Launch Joint Competition

HSE Art and Design School, in collaboration with the Pobeda Airlines, has announced the start of a competition to create a new uniform design for flight attendants and representatives of the airline. Young professional designers, as well as students over 18 years old studying at Russian universities in full-time and part-time programmes in the field of ‘Design and Fashion,’ will have the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Stella Art Foundation Exhibition Featuring Works of HSE Art and Design School Teachers to Last until May 26

The Stella Art Foundation has launched the exhibition 'About All the Things That Live There’ by Curator of the Master’s track ‘Video Art’ at HSE Art and Design School Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, Coordinator of the ‘Photography’ track at HSE Art and Design School Evgenia Solomatina, as well as artist Nina Kotel. The project is curated by Alexey Korsi.

Exhibition by HSE Art and Design School Students Now Open at Fabrika Centre

The Fabrika Centre for Creative Industries is hosting a graduation exhibition by bachelor’s students of Contemporary Art at the HSE Art and Design School. In the exhibition titled ‘Freedom of Absurdity’, the early-career artists present their interpretations of melancholy. The exhibition is open to visitors until April 21, 2024, and admission is free of charge.

‘The Form of a Building Plays a Supportive Role; the Main Thing is Its Content’

Environmental design shapes the reality around us. It is the appearance of spaces, buildings, and objects that surround us. What is happening in this field today? What awaits us in the future? And how do we prepare for it? The HSE News Service discussed these and many other topics with Boris Bernaskoni, Head of Environmental Design Studies at the HSE Art and Design School.

Still the Best: HSE Art and Design School at the World Brand Design Society

HSE Art and Design students, graduates, and curators have been participating in the World Brand Design Society international competition for several years. The winter of 2023/24 was no exception—several projects won in various categories.