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HSE University Holds Career Marathon

At the end of April, HSE University hosted a Career Marathon in both offline and online formats. Representatives from 42 companies and several thousand students from HSE and many other universities took part in the event. For two days, the marathon participants attended poster sessions in the Pokrovka atrium, along with master classes from event partners, an interactive photo zone, and prize and merchandise draws, as well as experiencing an open dialogue with experts, and express interviews for current vacancies and internships.

The poster session, held on the first day, brought together the largest Russian companies — Avito, MTS, the Bank of Russia, Rostelecom, Ozon and Skoltech along with many others. Company experts organised career workshops for students and graduates, who solved cases, corrected mistakes in their CVs, and expanded their business horizons. Representatives from companies gave practical advice on how to join their teams and how to master public speaking. The most active participants received prizes — from merch to fast-track internships.

‘About 3,000 students attended the poster session every day,’ says Olga Gaevskaya, Head of the Office for Alumni Relations and Career Development. Students come to the Career Marathon to learn about the trends in the current labour market, to see future employers, and to determine their career trajectory. Employers, in turn, get the opportunity to personally communicate with students, understand how they live, what kind of work they are looking for, and in which directions they would like to develop. In addition, companies can share their expertise with university students.

 ‘The career marathon takes place at HSE University twice a year: in November and April,’ says Olga Gayevskaya. ‘It is useful for virtually every students. 1st- and 2nd-year bachelor’s students can learn more about the companies and their activity, and about the requirements for future applicants in order to understand how to build their career path. Employers are extremely interested in 3rd- and 4th-year bachelor’s and master’s students, since most internships are available to students from the 3rd year of study.’

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An open dialogue with experts is another part of the marathon. These are panel discussions between experts and representatives from companies on a wide range of topics: ‘Young, but inexperienced — the trend for employng young leaders’, ‘The race for content: business and GPT — the integration of neurotechnologies in content creation’, ‘Ecotrends, conscious consumption and the ESG agenda’. Along with the discussions, express interviews with HR companies for open vacancies for students were also held. Students could get an offer immediately at the marathon.

Some of the marathon participants shared their impressions of the event with us.

Veronika Kirenkina, 2nd-year student of the Bachelor's programme in Economics and Statistics

I came here to find out about the internships — I already want to get a job. Now almost everyone offers paid internships. In addition, there's a lot of cool merch here and you can find out about new companies that you you’d never heard of before. It was interesting to listen to their representatives, to ask questions, and to learn about career opportunities.

Nikolay Uvarov, 1st-year student of the Bachelor's programme in Economics and Statistics

I would like to get a paid internship, but still the main thing for me is not money, but the experience and knowledge that I can get there. Such events allow employers to become closer to students, while students take interest in a particular company. Someone can work in analytics, and here they meet representatives of business and industry and realise that they are interested in finance.

Timur Abdullin, 1st-year student of the Moscow Aviation Institute

I know about HSE University, I follow the news, and saw the announcement about the Career Marathon and decided to come. With so many companies gathered in one place, it’s not an everyday event. Now I'm in my first year of studies, and I don't have enough experience to get an internship right away. But I'm still doing my best and after 10 years, I can see myself as a successful programmer with my own startup.

Nodirbek Yusufzhonov, student of the ‘Interhouse’ lyceum, Tashkent

I'm still considering my career choice. I am interested in programming, linguistics, and diplomatic relations. Our educational institution is related to HSE University, so they organized a trip for lyceum students to HSE in Moscow in order for us to visit the campus and learn more about the studying process.  We've been here for a week now, and managed to attend the career marathon as well. It’s a very useful event for students! It helps them to learn more about their career opportunities and get lots of information that will help them in the future.

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