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Public Administration: New Dimensions of International Cooperation

Alexey Barabashev, Academic Supervisor of the HSE Faculty of Public Administration, who has recently returned from an internship at the Woodrow Wilson international research center (USA), spoke to us about the HSE’s cooperation with the organization.

— Can you tell us a little bit about the cooperation between the HSE and the Woodrow Wilson Center?

— The Woodrow Wilson international research centre which was founded in 1968 by the US Library of Congress, is today an internationally renowned organization. This is true heaven for a researcher, and  is home to many experts from all over the world who have passed the very strict competitive selection procedure.

The HSE is the only university in Russia which has a formal agreement on cooperation with the Woodrow Wilson Center. To be more precise, we signed an agreement with the Kennan Institute, the part of the Woodrow Wilson Center that deals with Russian studies. This opens many opportunities to our researchers and gives the HSE a serious advantages in terms of research.

— How was this agreement reached?

— The Kennan Institute has previously worked with HSE researchers. Some of our academics had already been there, and both parties were pleased with the results of the joint activities. The Woodrow Wilson Center and the HSE have agreed to create a special internship programme for HSE staff meaning that six people can go from the HSE to Washington for research internships annually.

Researchers have virtually perfect conditions for work at the Woodrow Wilson Center. The environment is very friendly, the working atmosphere is brilliant, projects are constantly being discussed, and every detail is taken into account: there are even regular scheduled personal meetings with librarians from the Center and the Library of Congress, which makes accessing  the endless amount of information available and finding exactly what you want so much easier and more effective.

Currently, I and another HSE researcher, Sergey Efremov, a very promising young academic, have taken part in this internship programme.

— What did you do during the internship?

— The internship was very productive. I’ve made serious advances in my study, which is concerned with the complex evaluation of public administration effectiveness. In addition, I participated in various seminars and conferences at the Kennan Institute and other departments of the Woodrow Wilson Center. Among other things, I spoke about my study, which creates a basis for the stratification of effectiveness evaluation of public administration on the level of the state as a whole, separate governmental bodies, their departments, specific state officers, as well as programmes implemented at different administration levels.

Many researchers in different countries are working on the evaluation of public administration effectiveness today, but many of them approach the subject quite narrowly, and there is no unified system. In fact, this project develops a new theory of an effective state which has an applied dimension. Many colleagues with whom I worked in the USE expressed their interest in the project, and we’ve reached agreements on cooperation and joint work in the future.

Viktoria Nosik, 2nd year student at the Faculty of Media Communictions, intern at the HSE News Service

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