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HSE is hosting the Science Cinema Festival ‘360°’

The third Science Cinema Festival ‘360°’ takes place in Moscow from 10-17 October. The HSE was one of the first to be involved in this festival and its screenings.

The Science Cinema Festival ‘360°’ has been happening in Moscow since 2011. Its main aim is to put across complex scientific research in simple language and to give the audience the opportunity to follow what is going on in the world of science today. The jury is made up of experts and professionals from the science and film industry.

The Polytechnic Museum is organising the festival and this year screenings will be on five university sites in Moscow, as well as at cultural centres and cinemas. Films exploring the themes of business, government administration, law, and technology will be shown at the HSE and throughout the screenings there will be the opportunity to discuss the films with tutors. One of the films, ‘Business in Brussels’, deals with the question of who influences EU policies, and how lobbyists operate. Another about the search engine Google explains how the world of technology has developed so much, as well as why companies are refusing to allow open access to their online libraries.

‘The festival’s themes are changing with new topics coming to the fore,’ says Irina Belykh, the ‘360°’ Director of Schedules. ‘Many of the films this year deal with the idea that, despite rapid technical progress, we are still susceptible to the sway that myths, superstition and fear hold over us. Only by gaining knowledge, and understanding what goes on around us can we rid ourselves of them. There are rumours circulating that two of the films in the festival might be in line for an “Oscar”. Let’s see if the festival’s jury agrees with the American Film Academy.’

For the HSE, the staging of the festival was just one part of the project ‘University: open doors’. As part of this project, HSE is putting on a series of public cultural events, including lectures, concerts, talks with prominent scientists, publicists, and social figures. In May 2013, HSE took part, for the first time, in the scheme ‘Night in the Museum’, where it opened its campus on Shabolovka to the public. This autumn, HSE has also hosted the art project ‘MediaDvor’ as part of the Moscow modern art biennial.  ‘The HSE is a big player on the Moscow cultural scene, ‘explains Valeria Kasamara, Director of HSE Corporate Projects. ‘It is now a tradition that our university joins in the organisation of the city’s major cultural and scientific festivals and celebrations. Furthermore, at HSE cinema is very popular: we have several film clubs, including the club ‘Fans of documentary’.  We would like more films to be screened at HSE – we are always open to new and interesting ideas.’

Film Times at the National Research University, "Higher School of Economics":

12 October, 19.00 — ‘Business in Brussels’ (Director Matthew Lieter, Fredrich Mozer Belgium/Austria/USA/France 2012) Address: ul. Shabolovka 26, hall K9

Sign in.

14 October, 18.00 —  ‘Conditions Which We Accept’ (Director Callen Khobak, USA,  2012) Address. Bol’shoi Tryokhsvyatitel’skiy pereulok 3, assembly hall

Sign in.

17 October, 18.00 — ‘Google and the World Brain’(Director Ben Lewis, Denmark 2013) Address. Bol’shoi Tryokhsvyatitel’skiy pereulok 3, assembly hall

Sign in.

Entry is free. The number of spaces is limited. Sign in on the site to book tickets.

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Night Descends upon HSE at Pokrovka

HSE University hosted its long-awaited student festival ‘Night’ at its building on 11 Pokrovsky Boulevard Thursday. Featuring 12 hours of lectures, games, master classes, music, and conversation. It was a night no students, lecturers or guests had any time for sleep.

Jarmusch, Tarantino, and HSE: Premiers at the Cannes Festival

On May 14, the 72nd Cannes Film Festival opens with Jim Jarmusch’s film, The Dead Don't Die. The official Russian delegation to the festival includes students of the Higher School of Cinema ‘Arka’, which offers joint continuing education programmes with HSE’s Faculty of Communications, Media, and Design. Students' short films will be shown as part of the annual almanac, Global Russians.

Documentary Produced by HSE Graduate School of Urbanism Premieres Online

‘Maison d'Être’ is an exploratory documentary about people's emotional place attachment in highly dynamic Greater Paris undergoing large-scale urban renewal campaigns. GSU documentary about Paris is now available online.

Alexander Zeldovich Joins the Design School Team

The Design School is launching HSE Film School, bringing together all educational levels: the BA in Film and Video-Art, Modern Art programmes, further education, post-graduate and MA studies. HSE Film School is led by renowned film director and screenwriter Alexander Zeldovich, who talks here about why contemporary film needs a new approach, what will be taught in the Film School, and why.

Renovation: What Moscow Can Learn From Paris

The HSE Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism has made a documentary on renovation in Paris. In it, government officials, architects and residents of the Paris suburbs discuss social and urban projects changing the city. The film was shown on December 21 at Shukhov Lab.

HSE at World Youth and Students Festival

On October 15th, 2017, the 19th World Youth and Students Festival kicked off in Sochi. Higher School of Economics prepared a research, education and discussion programme entitled ‘Economy and development for the future’ specially for the event.

HSE MIEM Students Demonstrate their Developments at Nauka 0+ Science Festival

Dance with a robot, become immersed in virtual reality, mount a weather station, learn about smart home technologies and just have a good time. At Nauka 0+ Science Festival, HSE showed that scientific development can be not only useful, but also accessible to everyone.

HSE to Participate in NAUKA 0+ Festival

This year’s NAUKA 0+ festival aims to turn science into something anyone can grasp. At the festival, various laboratories and universities open their doors to anyone and everyone with an interest in science and research. What will people learn about HSE at the festival? What new things will they see and discover? Let’s find out!

HSE Invites You to an Ethnographic Film Festival

On September 27, the 6th International Festival of Audiovisual Anthropology ‘Days of Ethnographic Cinema’ starts at the Museum of Moscow. Our guide will show you why not only professionals should go to this event and what’s remarkable about its programme.

MIEM Students Demonstrate Google Glass Analogue and Portable Cardiograph at All-Russia Science Festival

Undergraduate and postgraduate students at the HSE Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM) recently presented their innovations at the All-Russia Science Festival (NAUKA+).  Among them were ‘intelligent electric outlets’, which eliminate worries about irons being left plugged in, and a device for measuring eye fatigue.