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Seven Reasons to Go to HSE Day 2015

As part of HSE Open Lectures, HSE Day will feature a series of fascinating presentations both in Russian and in English. Photo from HSE Day 2014

Everything in the world has a reason, and every choice you make could change your life radically. The main thing is not to miss a chance. For example, there is HSE Day, there’s you, and here are seven reasons why you shouldn’t miss this event. You might find your one true love while speed dating at HSE Land, become a renowned orientalist thanks to ‘The Whole World at HSE’ venue, or fall in love with Russian rock music.

1. Start a healthy lifestyle

This time, HSE Day will be full of sport. You’ll be able to try extreme activities with the XSport club, play tennis, football or even try wushu – there’s a studio at HSE. But HSE remains HSE and there’s always science, so we’re also presenting REFORMA, a project by alumna Alisa Simonenko. This is a combination of psychology and fitness, so you will not only be able to try four types of fitness dance, but to take an express test and attend lectures on healthy eating and motivation.

2. Be in vogue

There’s a Fashion course at the HSE School of Design, and this summer second-year students have made a fashion show as part of their final project. At HSE Day, they will show you what a young designer’s wild imagination is capable of, and what styles, textures and colours make up modern Russian fashion. You’ll see three fashion collections, but be warned, this kind of vision is contagious! You might return home and start a revolution in your wardrobe after you visit the ‘Design for Everyone’ venue.

3. Level up your knowledge of arts

Do you know who who invented abstract expressionism? If you can answer questions like this, you could be given a T-shirt printed by a silk-screen artist in your presence. In addition to this, in the ‘Design for Everyone’ venue you’ll be able to become part of an interactive installation or find yourself in an artist’s sketchbook.

4. Have a look into the future

No matter how many documentaries you watch, theory,is no substitute for practice. In order to support words with deeds, HSE has organized a venue where science is applied to reality. In one of the ‘Science and Technology’ tents, you’ll be able to experiment with robots, cutting-edge software solutions, a computer brain, and other technological wonders presented by HSE MIEM and HSE School of Psychology.

5. Bring nations together

About 500 international students and 40 lecturers come to HSE every year from various countries, and the university surrounds them with care, helps them to integrate in the city life and make new friends. HSE even has a special Office of Internationalization, which is organizing events at the HSE Day including an English-language lecture centre and ‘Russian Tea House’. Meanwhile, the student ‘Ethnic Chamber’ will conduct master classes on the languages of people from the CIS, as well as musical activities and contests that will introduce you to various cultural traditions. And there are also master classes on Arabic and Chinese calligraphy, as well as qigong classes from the HSE School of Asian Studies. All these activities, and more, will take place at ‘The Whole World at HSE’ venue.

6. Debate with professors on topical issues

This year HSE is expanding the range of English-language lectures at HSE Day – you can choose from a wide range of topics – anything from international relations to brain stimulation. All the lectures are being delivered by HSE international faculty members. But if you’d prefer to practice your Russian, there are also several Russian-language lectures on offer.

7. Sing along with Splean

HSE Day always attracts musical stars and this time, as usual, the traditional concert at the ‘Green Theatre’ will be a great party. Who knows, it may be Splean who rock your world, or one of the many other musical highlights

For the full programme, see the HSE Day website.

Where: Gorky Park 

When: September 9

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HSE Day 2017 in Photos

On September 14, the Higher School of Economics celebrated its main holiday, HSE Day, for the sixth time. Not only HSE students and staff, but anyone living in Moscow could enjoy the event. Let’s see what it was like – lectures, music, dancing, sports, student initiation, rain, sun, and rainbow. Click on the photos to zoom in.

HSE Day 2017. Live

Today is the sixth time HSE has been celebrating HSE Day at Gorky Park. Open air lectures, science and technology platform, sport master classes, intellectual competitions and many more activities are open for everyone. If you are not in the park now, follow our live broadcast on the website. And don’t hesitate to join the celebration any moment!

HSE Day at Gorky Park: Fun for Everyone

On September 14, the Higher School of Economics is again welcoming guests at Moscow’s Gorky Park to celebrate HSE Day – an extraordinary event that has become a tradition of citywide proportions. HSE Day has a lot to offer for everyone and is open to international students and faculty members.

Sun and Rain, Sports and Fashion, Studies and Leisure — All at HSE Day

On September 8, 2016, HSE DAY took place in Gorky Park for the fifth time. This is a festival that allows everyone to have a good time in a joyful atmosphere. In the following article, we will tell you all about it.

HSE Day 2016. Live

Today is the fifth time HSE has been celebrating HSE Day at Gorky Park. Open air lectures, science and technology platform, sport master classes, intellectual competitions and many more activities are open for everyone. If you are not in the park now, follow our live broadcast on the website. And don’t hesitate to join the celebration any moment!

HSE Day for Athletic People

Learning a new sport is good for the brain and no worse than traditional intellectual games. And who needs a clear mind more than a student? That’s why a lot of sports clubs have been established at HSE, and they will be represented at the ‘Sports and Activities’ platform.

Experience the Whole World at HSE DAY

Students from more than 20 countries and almost 200 international staff members currently study and work at HSE. With this in mind, HSE Day in Gorky Park will offer a platform for intercultural communication in the most varied of fields, from music to breaking stereotypes about certain countries and cultures. Here, international students will take the lead, and you’ll be able to learn about various cultures first-hand.

HSE Day for Science Geeks

The special HSE Day will demonstrate real science to its guests at the ‘Science and Technology’ platform. The achievements will be showcased by HSE MIEM, the School of Psychology, and HSE Lab (HSE Prototyping Centre). They will answer the trickiest questions put by the geeks. You’ll be able to get hands on and investigate the technological achievements on display and even test them yourself.

HSE Open Talks at HSE Day

Each year HSE welcomes new colleagues – Ph.D. holders from the world’s best universities – who join the university through the international recruiting programme. HSE continues the tradition of public lectures at HSE Day, and holds HSE Open Talks in English. Academics from all over the world representing the most diverse disciplines will discuss their research and talk with the public.

HSE Day Offers Something for Everyone

Russian students and teachers were not the only ones to actively participate in HSE Day on September 9; many foreigners who study or work at the university took part as well. Numerous activities enriching the celebration could be enjoyed without any knowledge of Russian — for example, Speed ​​Dating, Dance Battle, and a variety of sporting events. However, some sites during the festival had a special English-language programme.