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lectures will be delivered by HSE scholars at Gorky Park as part of HSE Day. Lectures will be delivered in both Russian and English. 


Please note that all lectures will be delivered in English without translation.

15:00 — 15:30 ‘To the Heart of Decision-Making’

Lecturer: Emiliano Catonini, Assistant Professor, International College of Economics and Finance

15:40 — 16:10 ‘Russian-Chinese Relations’

Lecturer: Andrej Krickovic, Assistant Professor, HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs

16:20 — 16:50 ‘Brain Stimulation and Cognitive Functions’

Lecturer: Matteo Feurra, Assistant Professor, Leading Research Fellow, HSE Centre for Cognition & Decision Making

17:00 — 17:30 ‘Emergence of Semi-Legal Markets in North Korea’

Lecturer: Michael Rochlitz, Assistant Professor, HSE Faculty of Social Sciences / School of Political Science

17:40 — 18:10 ‘Blame games and risk avoidance: how decision making is linked to relative performance and potential peer effects’

Lecturer: Tim Jaekel, HSE School of Public Administration

18:20 — 18:50 ‘Four questions every expat is asked: how public discourse changes private conversation between strangers’

Lecturer: Yuval Weber, Assistant Professor, HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs

For several years, the Higher School of Economics has been educating city residents and making science accessible and understandable for everyone. Since 2013, the university has provided free and open lectures at various venues in Moscow. Attendees can listen to lectures on various subjects ranging from cinema to marketing to anthropology and game design. 

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From Music to Sports: What to Do at HSE Day 2019

University life is more than classes and academic conferences. Whether it’s music, creativity, sports, or volunteerism, HSE Day allows you to get to know lots of extracurricular activities and meet fellow HSE students with common interests. Below is a list of venues were you can do this.

Lectures, Master Classes, Music, and Sports: HSE Day at Gorky Park

On September 5, Gorky Park will transform into a large HSE University campus, open to all. HSE Day, first celebrated in 2012, has already become a tradition. Last year, more than 70,000 people attended the event. The celebration drew students new and old, faculty members, locals, and tourists. This year will be no exception!

HSE Day 2018: Photo Report

On September 13, we celebrated yet another HSE Day, our annual start-of-the-academic-year festival, which is followed the year’s tough road of studies. Let’s look at some pictures from the events at Gorky Park and relive its best moments!


HSEcoins have been donated by HSE students to finance student projects over the first few days of a new crowdfunding platform’s existence.

HSE Day 2018. Online Broadcast

Every year Moscow's Gorky park transforms into university campus for one day. A great range of events including lectures, workshops, sports, music, fashion shows, and meetings with HSE experts and invited guests are open to everyone. Follow our live updates from HSE Day in Gorky Park to see what we have prepared this year.

Six New Things to See on HSE Day 2018

HSE Day is an annual event that never fails to surprise guests with something new. Below is a list of six new themed events to be featured at this year’s festival in Gorky Park on September 13.

HSE Day For Everyone

On September 13, the annual HSE Day will take place in Gorky Park. This is an exciting event, open to people of all ages and backgrounds. Every year, the choice of activities becomes longer and longer. Find out here what’s on offer – there’s something for everyone.

HSE Day 2017 in Photos

On September 14, the Higher School of Economics celebrated its main holiday, HSE Day, for the sixth time. Not only HSE students and staff, but anyone living in Moscow could enjoy the event. Let’s see what it was like – lectures, music, dancing, sports, student initiation, rain, sun, and rainbow. Click on the photos to zoom in.

HSE Day 2017. Live

Today is the sixth time HSE has been celebrating HSE Day at Gorky Park. Open air lectures, science and technology platform, sport master classes, intellectual competitions and many more activities are open for everyone. If you are not in the park now, follow our live broadcast on the website. And don’t hesitate to join the celebration any moment!

HSE Day at Gorky Park: Fun for Everyone

On September 14, the Higher School of Economics is again welcoming guests at Moscow’s Gorky Park to celebrate HSE Day – an extraordinary event that has become a tradition of citywide proportions. HSE Day has a lot to offer for everyone and is open to international students and faculty members.