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HSE Takes Part in Nationwide Science Festival NAUKA 0+

It’s become fashionable to take an interest in science and research, and there are lots of researchers and academics at HSE who do in addition to carrying out research are gifted enough to be able to explain it in an engaging way to other people. You can meet them and learn about the latest research breakthroughs at the NAUKA 0+ festival, which gets underway in Moscow on October 9. Here’s an outline of what HSE offers as part of NAUKA 0+.

See robots and space equipment

The Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics will showcase the latest technological innovations, applications, interactive electronic systems, and robotics. You can learn more about developments from the Department for Computer Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering at The Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics, the Laboratory for Space Vehicles and Systems’ Functional Safety and enjoy taking a look at virtual reality gloves, smart Thinger interactive devices, a system for urban smartphone charging, a robotic tank, Arduino robots, and more. Visitors will also be able to view a space equipment demonstration by the company Sputnix, where HSE Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics graduate Anton Sivkov works, and intelligent tech activities like puzzles, games and logic problems.

The exhibition runs from October 9-11 at Expocenter (Moscow), Krasnopresenskaya Nab.  14, Pavillion 2, Halls 4,5,6. 10 am – 6 pm.

Enjoy a lecture about the future

HSE professors and experts have prepared seven lectures (in Russian) on various subjects that profoundly impact all of us, and society as a whole. The lectures are to be given by Vasily Klucharev, Mikhail Blinkin, Alexander Chulok, Ruslan Saygitov and others, and will touch on issues that are of paramount importance today, and which will create links to the future: urban development, neurotechnology, and other subjects.

The lectures will run on October 10-11, at Shuvalov building, MSU, Lomonosovsky Prospekt 27, K 4. Entry – free of charge.

Psychology research

HSE’s Psychology Faculty is hosting Welcome Lab Day, when the School of Psychology laboratories open their doors to the public. Psychology is one of today’s fastest-growing areas of research, and has an impact on all areas of life. Welcome Lab Day opens this up to the general public, and people will have the opportunity to learn more about how to manage their moods, develop their abilities, take decisions, and even be happy – by taking a truly scientific approach to these issues.

Answers to these key questions can be found in research by members of HSE’s Psychology Department. This event takes place twice a year, and young researchers are invited to take a closer look at psychology, see the technology used in this research, and get a sense of what it is like to be a research psychologist for a while.

Welcome Lab Day at HSE’s School of Psychology will take place on October 17 from 3 pm to 5 pm

Register for the event (the registration form is in Russian – ask your buddy to help you register if you wish to attend)

Imagine what it’s like to be a student at HSE’s Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics

One day during the festival will give visitors the chance to become students at the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics. The Institute’s Open Day will open up classes and labs at the institute, give people the chance to interact with researchers and people carrying out experiments, and to learn about the educational and research programmes. The event includes master classes in robotics and 3D printing, lectures, demonstrations about research developments, physical and chemical experiments.

Science Day at HSE’s Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics takes place on November 14, starting at 11 am

Entry is free of charge

The Nauka + science festival is a national event aimed at bringing future developments closer to the general public. It has been held in Moscow since 2006 and nationally since 2011. In 2014 the festival was held in 71 regions of the country, and involved over 5,000 lectures, master classes, trips, round tables and exhibitions. 450 organizations took part in it. In Moscow the festival will include a variety of activities aimed at encouraging visitors to take part in research, test innovative developments in robotics, and get used to keeping abreast of the latest research and developments.

See also:

HSE at World Youth and Students Festival

On October 15th, 2017, the 19th World Youth and Students Festival kicked off in Sochi. Higher School of Economics prepared a research, education and discussion programme entitled ‘Economy and development for the future’ specially for the event.

HSE MIEM Students Demonstrate their Developments at Nauka 0+ Science Festival

Dance with a robot, become immersed in virtual reality, mount a weather station, learn about smart home technologies and just have a good time. At Nauka 0+ Science Festival, HSE showed that scientific development can be not only useful, but also accessible to everyone.

HSE to Participate in NAUKA 0+ Festival

This year’s NAUKA 0+ festival aims to turn science into something anyone can grasp. At the festival, various laboratories and universities open their doors to anyone and everyone with an interest in science and research. What will people learn about HSE at the festival? What new things will they see and discover? Let’s find out!

HSE Invites You to an Ethnographic Film Festival

On September 27, the 6th International Festival of Audiovisual Anthropology ‘Days of Ethnographic Cinema’ starts at the Museum of Moscow. Our guide will show you why not only professionals should go to this event and what’s remarkable about its programme.

MIEM Students Demonstrate Google Glass Analogue and Portable Cardiograph at All-Russia Science Festival

Undergraduate and postgraduate students at the HSE Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM) recently presented their innovations at the All-Russia Science Festival (NAUKA+).  Among them were ‘intelligent electric outlets’, which eliminate worries about irons being left plugged in, and a device for measuring eye fatigue.

Join HSE at Muzeon to Dance and Think

On May 31 at the Muzeon Park of Arts, the Mayovka Youth Festival will be held by the Russian Union of Youth. Activities awaiting visitors include sports, cooking classes, design lessons and a number of other events. HSE will have two venues at the festival – one for dancing and the other for intellectual games.

HSE screens 5 films as part of the 360° 4th Contemporary Science Film Festival

From October 9-14, the HSE will become one of the screening venues for the 360° 4th Contemporary Science Film Festival. The festival offers a platform for films that talk about scientific and academic research in an accessible way – comprehensible for a general audience. After each screening, there will be a discussion with specialists. This is our guide to the HSE screenings and talks.

Ours/Others, Africa and Urban Indigenous Peoples: Guide to the ‘Days of Ethnographic Cinema’ Festival

Seeing life in other countries in a way that even seasoned travellers cannot see it, discussing endangered urban cultures, and understanding the reasons of nostalgia for the ‘good old days’ will be possible at the ‘Days of Ethnographic Cinema’ festival that will be held from September 24-30 by the Higher School of Economics together with the Russian State Humanitarian University and the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. This guide covers the events worth following for specialists and curious non-specialists alike.

Austria Day in HSE Nizhny Novgorod Campus – for the Whole City

Austria Day took place in the HSE’s Nizhny Novgorod campus, which has close connections with Austrian universities. The event is part of the Austrian Cultural Season, which started in Moscow in the middle of May and is taking place in 17 Russian cities.

HSE is hosting the Science Cinema Festival ‘360°’

The third Science Cinema Festival ‘360°’ takes place in Moscow from 10-17 October. The HSE was one of the first to be involved in this festival and its screenings.