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Gifts under the Christmas Tree: How Student Startups Can Surprise You

Gifts under the Christmas Tree: How Student Startups Can Surprise You

© Mikhail Dmitriev/HSE University

One of the most popular minors that HSE University students can take in their second and third years is 'Startup from Scratch'. With their teachers’ support, students launch their own business projects, including startups for tmaking and selling souvenirs and cosmetics, which can serve as nice New Year gifts.


Business idea:creating t-shirts that send a message—made from natural materials with a unique design.

Team: Yulia Tsareva, Victoria Solntseva (Faculty of Economic Sciences)

What to order as a gift: original high-quality t-shirts.

What makes this gift unique: each t-shirt carries a certain message, all sizes are available.

Authors' comments:

I have always wanted to connect my life with creativity and create my own business, which would bring not only income, but also pleasure. Creating a clothing brand that carries a message is just what I wanted. We put a piece of ourselves into every design!
Julia Tsareva

Contacts: website, Instagram

Project: Nameisflame

Business idea: making soy wax candles

Team: Anastasia Sapsay (Faculty of Economic Sciences), Dmitry Barabanov (student of Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics).

What to order as a gift: soy wax scented candles with wooden wicks.

What makes this gift unique: soy wax, aroma oils from the USA, crackling sound when burning.

Authors' comments:

Unlike paraffin, which is used in cheap candles, soy wax is not harmful to human health. We use natural aroma oils that reveal different scents. Wooden wicks crackle pleasantly when burning, creating an atmosphere of coziness and tranquility. Our candles will be the best decoration for your holiday!
Anastasia Sapsay

Contacts: Instagram

Project: Upcycle

Business idea: upcycled clothing and accessories.

Team: Mariana Rayt, Polina Pitigyina (Graduate School of Business), Ivan Grigoriev (Faculty of Economic Sciences).

What to order as a gift: new things sewn from existing ones; transformer chains created of many metal rings (can be worn around your neck, arm, or shoe).

What makes this gift unique: you can prolong the life of your favorite thing; the versatility of the transformer chain.

Authors' comments:

Our grandmothers used to know the art of patchwork—the technique of sewing things from scraps of fabric, and the idea of our project brings together eco-clothing and jewelry. It’s not about reuse, but about reducing the number of consumables. It’s beautiful, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly.
Mariana Rayt

Contacts: Instagram

Project: DECO

Business idea: graphic design, helping brands develop, attract new customers and use printing services.

Team: Artur Zenger (Graduate School of Business), Olga Kuzmina (Faculty of Economic Sciences), Maria Kiryushchenko (Faculty of Communications, Media and Design).

What to order as a gift: an illustration, a postcard or just covers for your current Instagram stories.

What makes this gift unique: unique design and low prices.

Authors' comments:

At the start of our project, I already had some experience of working with clients, and I noticed that many people have difficulties when they look for a printing house and then try to communicate with them. So, we got the idea of a startup—to help entrepreneurs by taking care of everything related to design. To help our customers save time and effort, we communicate with the printing house and manufacturers of eco-packages.
Maria Kiryushchenko

Contacts: Instagram

Project: 'Gift for your mental'

Business idea: products for relaxation

Team: Alyona Kiberova (Art and Design School, HSE University in St. Petersburg), Anna Kruglova (Faculty of Economic Sciences, HSE University in Nizhny Novgorod).

What to order as a gift: a box with accessories for anti-stress therapy and a brochure with practical tips from psychology bestsellers.

What makes this gift unique: it will help you organize your rest and relieve anxiety and stress.

Authors' comments:

Our project is for those who live in a world of deadlines, constant rush, and fatigue. We have prepared a care package for these people: fragrant soy wax candles, sea salt with soothing fragrance, and bath bombs. If you are a person who likes to watch something bubbling in your bathroom and not inside you, it's a good reason to find a couple of hours for a little trip to serenity. If, in addition to time, you feel like thinking over your life, you can use our cards with personal questions.
Anna Kruglova

Contacts: Instagram, website

Project: PINI—Taste and Atmosphere

Business idea: production of gastroboxes.

Team: Denis Rozhkov (Graduate School of Business), Anastasia Mitusova (Faculty of Communications, Media and Design).

What to order as a gift: a ready-made gastrobox with a taste of New Year.

What makes this gift unique: it will put you in a festive mood!

Authors' comments:

Warm up a cup of milk, throw a cocoa bomb in it, dip waffles or cookies in one of the sauces, and watch a New Year movie!
Anastasia Mitusova

Contacts: Instagram

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Reklama 2021, the 28th international specialized expedition for advertising, was held at Expocentre from October 18–21 as part of the programme for Russia’s Year of Science and Technology. The HSE University stand at the exhibition showcased projects by students of the minor ‘Start-up from Scratch: Creating Your Own Business.’ The exhibition also included the signing of a cooperation agreement between the university and Expocentre AO.

HSE Business Club Holds Its First Entrepreneurial Forum

This event was timed to coincide with Russian Entrepreneurship Day, which is celebrated on May 26. Forum attendees included not only students of HSE University, but also students from other Moscow universities. They were able to learn about internships in forum partner companies, as well as interacting in person with successful Russian business businesses.

‘If You Want to Create a Start-Up, This Minor Will Definitely Be Helpful’

On March 22, the enrolment period begins for the ‘Start-Up from Scratch’ minor, which is offered by the HSE Department of Innovation Management. The minor introduces students to different fields of entrepreneurship and guides them through the entire start-up process: from the development of an idea to entering the market with a product and attracting investors. 24 start-ups have made it to the stage of making their first sales. Below, HSE News Service talks about the most interesting student projects.

HSE Students to Develop Energy-Efficient IoT Devices in Cooperation with MTS

HSE University and MTS have launched a joint project to develop IoT devices (NB-IoT) within the framework of the Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems Master’s Programme and as part of the project activities undertaken by students of HSE’s Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics. Students will have access to the equipment and the network in order to develop energy-efficient devices, while their professors will be provided with expert and advisory support from the MTS specialists.

‘The First Meetings Exceeded All Our Expectations’

How can you meet new people beyond your university and your immediate professional circle? Is it possible to make new friends during the pandemic when we are all self-isolating? Renata Sabirova, a fourth-year student of the HSE Faculty of Law and co-founder of the online chat service, Neplokho Poboltali (‘We’ve Had a Nice Chat’), helps answer these questions. She spoke with the HSE News Service about online lounges that are open to the country and the whole world.

‘We Should Always Be Searching for New Ways of Self-Expression’

To celebrate the 130th birthday anniversary of Man Ray, the renowned avant-garde artist, students of the HSE School of Art and Design have collaborated with Moskino to create soundtracks for three of Ray’s films: Leave Me Alone (1926), The Star Fish (1928), and The Mysteries of the Chateau of Dice (1929). The HSE News Service discussed how these elective sound art classes can develop the creative potential in students from different fields.

MIEM TechnoShow: ‘The University’s Key Objective is to Inspire Students to Create Something New’

With five hours of networking, 22 ‘video guest halls’, and over 800 visitors from 16 countries, this year’s MIEM TechnoShow was a spectacular online exhibition. Attendees could visit various ‘rooms’ to see the projects MIEM students had been working on this past academic year.

MIEM HSE’s Annual Technoshow Will Be Held Online

On May 31, MIEM students will present their projects at the Institute’s annual exhibition, which this year will be held online. Of 200 team projects created at the Institute this past academic year, the expo will feature the 25 most brilliant and successful, both in terms of innovation and practicality.