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HSE Student Speaks about Editorial Internship Experiences

Joshua Levy, a first-year student in the Master’s in Governance of Science Technology and Innovation programme, has taken the initiative to complete an internship at Russia Beyond The Headlines, a multilingual news and information resource published by Rossiyskaya Gazeta. He recently spoke with the HSE news service and told us a little more about his experiences at the newspaper.

— You are currently completing an editorial internship during your studies at HSE. Could you tell us a bit about that?

— Currently, I am working as a Technology Liaison correspondent at Russia Beyond The Headlines, and the primary role of my internship is to work with UK/USA news team across the news division, dealing with Russia's interaction with the West and additionally, balancing the external view of the country. Furthermore, I am working within the Science Technology and Innovation section of the newspaper and provide insight to external readers regarding innovations within Russia and its collaboration. 

— What have you accomplished since starting your internship?

— Since May 26 of this year, I have published three articles, and one science technology blog will be published soon, as it’s in the editing process.  The stories up until now have centred on Russia’s relations with the West and Asia in sectors concerning energy, military and culture.

I anticipate, within a few months, I should be having a sizeable number of stories under my profile, which of course depends on my hard work, dedication and improvements in editing whilst learning on the job.

— Could you say a few words about the publication you work for?

— Russia Beyond The Headlines is a Multilanguage newspaper which focuses on national and international news along with culture and lifestyle updates. The newspaper gets published in various reputable media such as New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, and Huanqiu Shibao, amongst others. Additionally, I am proud of the editorial standards of this newspaper. Each news item is independently verified and only reputable sources are taken and not some hearsay topical source.

— Have you been working on any academic publications during your Master’s study?

— I have been working on a scientific review that covers the impact of the political situation on STI (science technology and innovation policies) and how it will shape innovation and collaboration in the near future. My scientific review is under editing but has already accepted to be published in Foresight-Russia, a journal published by HSE, later this year.

— What has it been like to work in Russia?

— One thing I do love about Russia is its heritage, its people and its amazing culture including beauty. This is something every Russian should be proud of, and I am really amazed by the richness of the same.

I also have to say that I am privileged to work in a national state news media division, being a British citizen and working for Russian media gives me a totally different perspective in media which is something I cherish a lot.

Joshua Levy’s articles in Russia Beyond the Headlines:

Russia to ship S-300 missiles to Iran

Literature Summer festival lightens up with British and Russian writers

Chinese company to invest in new coal mine in Primorye


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