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School of Design Exhibition at Central House of Artists

The exhibition Design NEXT opened last Wednesday at the Central House of Artists in Moscow’s Krimsky Val area. This is the continuation of the first Moscow Biennale of Design, which took place in 2017. During the event, group exhibitions by Moscow design universities were all brought together at a single location. The exhibition also featured personal expositions by Russian graphic, industrial, and fashion designers, including Anna Kulachek and School of Design Curators Alexandra Lartseva, Stephan Lashko, Philipp Tretyakov, and Tim Yarzhombek.

The HSE School of Design has presented a major exhibition at which works by students from different educational areas are showcased. Visitors are able to see the graphic design work by students from the Communications Design programme, animations and illustrations by students from the Animation and Illustration programme, multimedia projects by students from the Game Design and Virtual Reality and Design and Coding programmes, and interior objects developed within the Environmental Design programme. We will also feature collections by students from the Fashion programme, as well as works by students from the Photography in Fashion and Advertising programme and installations by students from the Theatre and Cinema Artist and Design and Contemporary Art programmes.

‘We adhered to a transparent concept – showing a current section of the School of Design’s workflow while demonstrating the top-quality work of its students from different educational areas. The main difficulty was combining such diverse materials and showing the multi-vector nature of the school in the space; after all, it is actively developing in very different fields. It was extremely important to find a single expositional solution that allows heterogeneous elements to be brought together. We tried to achieve this through expositional design and by working with light and projections. The exhibition seems to have been a success, and we plan to continue creating large-scale projects like this. We have a lot of talented students and good projects, so there is something to put on display,’ said Arseniy Sergeev, the curator of the exhibition and a School of Design instructor.

The designer of the exhibition is School of Design Curator Anna Kosheleva, who said that working on an exhibition of this size is a very interesting undertaking that has its own internal difficulties and particularities:

‘When I started working, I thought that exhibiting design works on standard boards and putting them onto a regular grid within the plane of a wall was all very boring, particularly for such diverse content. I wanted something new – to interact with the audience and with the platform, to break the rules of existing in a space containing exhibition objects and to uncover new rules. There were a lot of ideas, but in the end everything led to a system where you can violate the ordinary horizon and the corner in which the audience views the works. Using additional graphics, the planes of the walls seemed to slant, and the content lined up with the diagonals, thereby breaking with the geometry of the space. It was important to reflect that each field of design (from classic graphic design to gaming design, coding, and contemporary art and theatre) is unique in its own way, exists by its own rules, breathes in a modern space, and is able to bring this all together into a single system. The hardest part was probably straying from the standard layout without smothering the content, which is interesting in and of itself. I hope this ended up working. Though this was my first experience working with an exhibition of this scale, I am pleased with the result.’

This School of Design exhibition is open until April 22 on the third floor of the Central House of Artists in halls 22-27.

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Recycling in the Name of UNIQLO and HSE

HSE School of Art and Design, in conjunction with UNIQLO, has unveiled a new exhibition entitled, 'New Life for Old Things'. The exhibition showcases a vast array of ingenious ways to give new life to old things - the most important aspect of sustainable fashion.

Official Poster for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Supervisor at the School of Design, Associate Professor Igor Gurovich, designed the official poster for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The central figure in his composition in legendary Soviety goalkeeper Lev Yashin.

HSE Fashion Day Held at School of Art and Design

On November 19, 2017 HSE Fashion Day was held at Art Basements, Tsvetnoy Central Market. The event was organized by the School of Art and Design.

Mandelstam Exhibition Opens at HSE

This exhibition, located at the HSE building on Staraya Basmannaya Ulitsa, near the Mandelstam Centre, tells the story of all the important stages in the poet’s life and work. It features photos, announcements of poetry nights, and documents testifying to Mandelstam’s arrest and death, as well as comments by the poet’s contemporaries.

HSE Opens an Exhibition at Khitrovka on History of the Place

This exhibition has become part of the Open University project and is held on the HSE’s Anti-versary. It covers the history of Khitrovka and its surroundings, and offers a historical view of each object.

Stereoscopic Film on Pre-revolutionary Russia to Be Shown in Moscow

The HSE MIEM 3D Visualization and Computer Graphics Laboratory worked alongside the Sergei Chelnokov Foundation to create a slide film based on the stereoscopic photographs of Russian photographers working at the turn of the 20th century. A viewing of the film will take place on October 18th as part of the exhibition From the Belle Époque to Revolution – the History of Russia through sterophotography 1880–1917 in 3D.

HSE Art and Design School Students Attend ADCR Awards

On September 19, 2017, a ceremony of the Art Directors Club Russia (ADCR) Awards took place in Moscow. Students from the HSE Art and Design School with their ‘Genders*’ and ‘Save Frisian’ projects took first and second prizes in the ‘Young & Students’ nomination. Furthermore, Oxana Paley, Curator at the HSE Art and Design School, took third place in the ‘Design & Craft’ nomination.

Interview with Newest Fashion Curator Leonid Alexeev

The School of Design’s fashion team just became stronger thanks to its newest designer Leonid Alexeev. Leonid is a unique professional who is not only the creator of a brand that offers both a men’s and women’s collection, nor is he just the mastermind behind several lines of clothing made by well known Russian companies; Leonid has also headed the design bureau at the Ministry of Defence, designed costumes for various Moscow theatres, and also launched a clothing line for football fans. Beginning this academic year, Leonid will teach both bachelor’s and master’s students at the HSE School of Design. In the following interview, he talks about professional longevity, the winning concept of a fashion education, and much more.

HSE Students Win International D&AD New Blood Contest

Anna Dmitrieva and Sophia Verlina, third-year students at the HSE Art and Design School (curators Stefan Lashko and Ivan Yakushev) have been recognized as winners in the international design competition D&AD New Blood. They will receive their awards on June 6, 2017.

HSE Students Take Part in Chaumont Biennale of Graphic Design

Three projects by HSE Art and Design School students have made it to the finals of an international student competition and will be presented at the Biennale of Graphic Design in Chaumont (France) from May 13 to September 24, 2017. The competition task was to use graphic design to create a tool or product that contributes to the transmission of knowledge.