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New Double Degree with EHESS Paris

HSE and L'École des Sautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) have signed an agreement for the provision of a double degree track for the HSE’s Master's programme in Comparative Social Research. This is the second double degree track being offered to students of this programme. Earlier this year, a similar agreement was signed with the Free University of Berlin.

The double degree track with EHESS starts in September 2018. It will include the exchange of an equal number of students each year from the participants in HSE’s Comparative Social Research programme and the Sociology programme in Paris. In the first year, two students will take part - one from each side. In the future, the number of participants will increase. As Christian Fröhlich, Academic Supervisor of the programme, notes: 'EHESS is one of the world’s leading universities in social sciences and a new double degree programme will give our students an excellent opportunity to see how social research is done at a global level. It will also put them in contact with an international academic community and globally-focused atmosphere. In Germany, France, or England, there are different schools of thought, which place a different emphasis on various methodological issues and so on. A double degree track also enables students to widen their social networks so that they can explore new places and meet potential supervisors for PhD research. In Paris (as well as in Berlin), we cooperate closely with people who specialize in East European studies, while our programme focuses more on issues of methodology. Our focus is generally not on Russia. So, by participating in the double degree programme, students can broaden their professional expertise and obtain additional knowledge in the more specialized area of Eastern European studies. For students from France, the programme offers them an opportunity to obtain in-depth education in methodology, which is our strong suit.’

Christian Fröhlich, Academic Supervisor of the programme

Christian Fröhlich, Academic Supervisor of the programme / HSE

First year Master’s students from both universities can apply for the double degree track. They must submit a motivation letter and a project proposal for a thesis. In addition, they need to gain 60 ECTS during their first year of studies. The deadline for applications to start studies in September 2019 is May 1, 2019. Applications are processed within a month. Students who make the cut will spend one or two semesters at a partner university. They will be required to visit the partner university for their third semester but they can also opt to stay for the fourth semester to write a thesis. Upon graduation, participants will receive two diplomas – one from HSE and one from EHESS.

There is no tuition fee for the double degree track but students will need to cover their living and transportation expenses. There is, however, an opportunity for Russian students to receive competitive scholarships from the French Embassy. Moreover, there is a mobility fund at HSE for outgoing students which can cover some of the transport expenses (on a competitive basis). For foreign students at HSE, Moscow has an additional advantage of being very attractive in terms of cost of living. The HSE dormitory fee is extremely low, and with current exchange rates, living expenses in the city have decreased substantially.

In addition to the double degree track, the agreement with EHESS also foresees professional exchanges. For instance, this September, Françoise Daucé, Director of Studies at EHESS, will be delivering a course for HSE students during the first module. Then, in May 2019, Christian Fröhlich will be giving a series of lectures at EHESS.

International admissions for HSE’s Master’s programmes are open until July 15, 2018. You can apply online at the webpage.

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Inspired by her exchange experience in Moscow during her undergraduate studies, French student Marion Jacquart decided to do her Master’s at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences in Paris because it has a double degree agreement with HSE University. As she finishes her programme in Comparative Social Research in Moscow, where she has been based for the last year doing research for her Master’s thesis on feminism, she shared her experience and impressions with the HSE News Service.

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The number of HSE students who successfully passed the exams conducted at the University of London in 2018 was significantly higher than the average for other universities participating in the international programme there. HSE received the status of Recognized Teaching Centre.

HSE St Petersburg Launches a Double Degree in Economics with University Pompeu Fabra

HSE University – St Petersburg and University Pompeu Fabra (UPF) have signed an agreement in order to develop a double degree programme. Starting from the 2019/2020 academic year, this track will allow students to earn bachelor's degrees in Economics from both universities.

‘We Are Really Moving towards the East’

A double degree implemented by HSE and Kyung Hee University in Economics and Politics in Asia was unveiled at the HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs. The first enrolment in the programme took place this summer. Participants of the presentation included Lee Jin-hyun, Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Korea; Khan Gon, Vice President of Kyung Hee University; as well as representatives from the embassies of China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia in Russia.

Five English-taught Bachelor’s Programmes Offered at HSE Moscow

In 2018, HSE Moscow is enrolling students in 5 bachelor's programmes where they will study in English. Graduates of these programmes receive two diplomas – Russian and international. One of the programmes includes an obligatory internship abroad. International students can apply online until August 10.

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Interest in HSE's new bachelor’s programme with the University of London – a double degree programme in Data Science and Business Analytics – has been extremely high. James Abdey, programme convenor, spoke to HSE News Service about how the programme is unique, demand on the job market and the advantages that the double degree gives its graduates.

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