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HSE University Ranks Sixth Globally by Number of Online Courses

HSE University Ranks Sixth Globally by Number of Online Courses

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HSE University offers 104 online courses on Coursera and 100 courses on the Open Education platform. On Coursera, HSE University is the leading Russian university in terms of its number of course offerings. Since HSE University joined Coursera, it has had 2.5 million enrolments.

The most popular HSE courses on Coursera are ‘Essentials of Python Programming’ and ‘Learning to Learn: How to Succeed at School without Spending all Your Time on Your Studies’ (Russian-taught).

‘Programming courses have traditionally been very popular on Coursera (one of the founders of which is a programmer), and hence, Python predictably takes first place. The other course was developed together with Professor Barbara Oakley and is a top-ranking course not only among HSE’s Coursera offerings, but among all course offerings on Coursera in general,’ said Evgenia Kulik, HSE Director for eLearning. ‘The other top-ranking courses are, of course, in economics and management, a field in which HSE University is particularly strong. It is thanks to these programmes that we have entered the international market. By the way, today we offer seven specializations, and in the autumn 2019, we launched a Master of Data Science online degree programme.’

Top 20 HSE University Courses on Coursera*

Essentials of Python Programming

Learning to Learn: How to Succeed at School without Spending All Your Time on Your Studies

Introduction to Machine Learning

Algorithmic Toolbox

How to Win a Data Science Competition: Learn from Top Kagglers

Introduction to Deep Learning

Personal Finance Management (Russian-taught)

Economics for Non-Economists

Financial Markets and Institutions

Philosophy Essentials: What Philosophers Are Discussing Today (Russian-taught)


Introduction to Neuroeconomics: How the Brain Makes Decisions

Understanding International Relations Theory

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

Data Structures

Natural Language Processing

Digital Marketing Strategy

Game Theory

Linear Algebra

*ranking by respondents’ answers

HSE University courses are also very popular on the Open Education platform. In contrast to Coursera, it focuses more on the Russian educational market. The leading courses on the Open Education platform are in contemporary art and the history of design.

‘HSE University is one of the founding universities of the national Open Education platform, which is currently the biggest online platform for the newest educational methods in Russia,’ said Evgenia Kulik.

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Applications to Speak at eSTARS 2021 Conference Accepted Until November 15

HSE University and Coursera are bringing together the world’s leading researchers, professionals, education and technology leaders, and business community representatives for the fourth international research conference eLearning Stakeholders and Researchers Summit 2021 (eSTARS). This topic of this year’s summit, which will run from December 1–2, 2021,is ‘Digital Transformation: Global Challenges to the Education System’.

Master of Computer Vision: New Online Programme on Coursera

In September 2021, HSE University’s Faculty of Informatics, Mathematics and Computer Science at HSE Nizhny Novgorod launched the new applied degree programme Master of Computer Vision. Developed in collaboration with leading experts in the field of computer vision - Huawei, Itseez3D, Intel, Harman, and Xperience.ai – the programme is available on the Coursera platform and open to applicants from all over the world. Andrey Savchenko, Academic Supervisor of the new programme, talked to The HSE Look about how it came to be and what are its advantages.

HSE Faculty of Computer Science Launches Digital Literacy Course on Coursera

A new Digital Literacy course created as part of the university-wide Data Culture project has been launched on Coursera. The syllabus includes ten modules developed by experts in relevant fields. Eleven authors worked on this English-taught course.

European Values: From the Discovery of America to the First World War

The English-language course ‘Europe and the World, ca. 1500 to 1914’ has launched on Coursera. Its author, Andrey Iserov, Deputy Dean for International Affairs at the HSE Faculty of Humanities, examines a historical span of four centuries during which European states reached the peak of their economic, military, and political power. Students of the course will learn how the independence of Hispanic America by the mid-1820s influenced China, what caused the religious schism in Western Christianity in the 16th century, and how European colonial policy developed.

HSE University’s Online Master of Business Analytics Offers New Opportunities

The English-taught fully online Master of Business Analytics is offered by HSE University on Coursera in partnership with the AICPA Association. The first cohort will start their classes in September 2021. The programme aims to train a new generation of finance leaders. Working together with AICPA Association allows HSE University to significantly expand the range of educational options available to students.

HSE University Launches New Master’s Programmes on Coursera

HSE Master’s programmes in four new specializations are now available on Coursera in the fields of business analysis, finance, and computer science. Each specialization consists of a series of courses and a practice-oriented final project, says the HSE eLearning Office.

HSE Launches Master of Finance Programme on Coursera with CFA-Based Curriculum

The HSE Banking Institute is launching a new Master of Finance programme on Coursera. The online programme is English-taught and based on the CFA certification requirements. Professor Vasily Solodkov, the director of the Banking Institute and the academic supervisor of the programme is discussing the programme features.

HSE University Course in Programming Ranks Among the Top 5 Coursera Courses of the Year in Russia

Coursera has listed the most popular courses in 2020 among users from Russia. ‘Basics of Programming in Python’ by HSE Unviersity is among the top five.

HSE University Announces Four Master’s Degrees on Coursera

Degrees in business, technology, and data science will enable students around the world to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. HSE University and Coursera today announced four new online degree programmes at global higher education conference, eSTARS. With upcoming English-language master’s programmes in business analytics, computer vision, data and network analytics, and finance, HSE now has five fully online degrees on the Coursera platform.

‘It’s Cool to See So Many International Participants from Different Backgrounds’

The students of the second cohort in HSE University’s Master of Data Science have started their classes. This English-taught programme is offered entirely online on Coursera and is the first of its kind in Russia.