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HSE University Enters Top 100 in Mathematics and Improves Its Positions in US News Best Global Universities Rankings

HSE University Enters Top 100 in Mathematics and Improves Its Positions in US News Best Global Universities Rankings

HSE University has improved its positions in the US News Best Global Universities institutional and subject rankings. For the first time, the University ranks among the top 100 universities in the world for mathematics. HSE is also the only Russian university to place in the subject rankings for Economics and Business and Social Sciences and Public Health. HSE ranks among the top 300 in both subject categories.

Climbing 23 places from last year, HSE University broke into the top 100 universities in the Mathematics subject ranking and now ranks 82nd.  In Economics and Business, the university is rapidly approaching the top 200 after rising 27 places from last year to take 208th place. In Social Sciences and Public Health, HSE University rose 21 places and entered the top 300 universities, ranking 295th. Notably, in the Mathematics and Economics and Business subject rankings, HSE University is the highest ranked Russian university.

Over the past few years, HSE University has particularly worked to develop and strengthen its programmes in the natural sciences. These efforts appear to have paid off: in the Physics subject ranking, the University rose 32 places to 674th place. 

HSE University

 Top 100 in Mathematics

 Best and only Russian university in subject rankings in Economics and Business and Social Sciences and Public Health

 7th place among Russian universities in US News institutional ranking

 Top 300 in Economics and Business subject ranking and Social Sciences and Public Health subject ranking

The US News Best Global Universities institutional ranking includes 19 Russian universities, 15 of which are participants of Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100. In 2014, when the ranking expanded to include universities from all over the world, it included only two Russian universities.

Russian Universities

 52 Russian universities are in the QS, THE, ARWU and US News institutional rankings

 20 universities from Project 5-100 are in the QS, THE, ARWU and US News institutional rankings

 24 Russian universities are in US News rankings by subject

 16 universities from Project 5-100 are in the US News rankings by subject

The number of Russian universities represented in the US News subject rankings is also steadily growing: while only one Russian university made the subject rankings in 2014, this year the rankings include 24 Russian universities, including 16 participants of Project 5-100.

Irina Karelina, Senior Director for Strategic Planning, HSE University

Irina Karelina, Senior Director for Strategic Planning, HSE University

2020 is the final year of the Academic Excellence Project 5-100, which has shifted the focus of Russian universities onto global rankings, or more specifically, their own positions in them and opportunities in global education and research. Before the start of the project, most universities used to compare themselves only to other Russian universities, and only a few were able to conceive of themselves in relation to international universities (in 2012, a total of 14 Russian universities made the QS ranking, and only 6 of them were in the Top 500). By the end of the project, there are now 52 Russian universities represented in global rankings, including 20 Project 5-100 universities (in four institutional rankings, including US News). 18 universities rank among the top 500 universities in the three global rankings (QS, THE, ARWU), and over two-thirds of them are participants of Project 5-100.

Project 5-100 has given our universities new competencies such as learning the best global practices, developing research and educational collaborations, forming new views on educational products, and publishing research. Today, we are witnessing the synergetic effect of this project’s impact on the system of Russian education at large, assessed by an external measure—global university rankings

The rankings include around 1500 universities from 86 countries. Since 2014, the media company has published not only a global ranking, but also 38 subject rankings, 10 of which are published for the first time this year.

To be considered for the institutional ranking, a university must have over 1,500 publications in Web of Science over the last five years or place amongst the top 250 as a result of reputation surveys. To be considered for a subject ranking, a university must have, in the case of the previously established 28 subject rankings, over 250 publications over the last five years in the relevant subject area in Web of Science. In the case of the 10 subject rankings that were added this year, a university must have at least 200 publications in the relevant field in Web of Science.

In the ranking’s methodology, Web of Science bibliometric data carry a weight of 75%, and reputation survey results over the past five years carry a weight of 25%.

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HSE University Ranks 115th in RePEc World Ranking

The RePEc rating (Research Papers in Economics) is based on publication activity data in the field of economics and related disciplines. In recent years, HSE University has consistently ranked first among Russian universities, and it continues to steadily climb the global ranking, overtaking well-known, centuries-old foreign universities. In the latest European ranking, HSE University took 46th place. In the world ranking, the university has ranked 115th (an increase of 4 places in the space of one month).

HSE University among Top-5 Russian Universities on THE Reputation Ranking

International experts have recognised Harvard University as the best in the world in terms of reputation. Moscow State University was ranked 37th, while HSE University entered the Times Higher Education (THE) World Reputation Rankings 2020, within the 151-175 range, taking fifth position among Russian universities, showing a commendable result for such a young institution.

HSE University Leads Russian Universities in THE Subject Rankings

HSE University is the top-ranking Russian university in four THE World University Rankings by Subject 2020/21. In addition, HSE has placed in 8 out of 11 subject categories, thereby confirming its status as a multidisciplinary university.

HSE University Ranks As One of Russia’s Top Entrepreneurial Universities

This year, the Expert Analytical Centre’s ranking of Russian entrepreneurial universities evaluated 46 universities, 18 of which are participants of Russia’s 5-100 Project. In the ranking, HSE, together with Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University, took 2nd-4th places, while MIPT ranked first. The ranking’s methodology places special emphasis on startups launched by university graduates, the number of founding graduates at these companies, and the amount of investments these projects have received.

Five HSE Master's Programmes Included in Top 100 of QS Business Masters Rankings

This year, the Master’s Programme ‘Strategic Management in Logistics’, offered by the HSE Graduate School of Business, ranked 34th in the Supply Chain Management Programme ranking, a new addition to the QS Business Masters Rankings. This is the fifth HSE programme to be included the QS Business Rankings. Four others have ranked among the top 100 for several years now.

HSE Now Among World’s Top 200 Universities for Research in THE University Rankings

This year, HSE University has maintained its position in the 251-300 range in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The University ranks among the top 3 Russian universities along with Moscow State University (which ranks 174th) and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (which ranks in the 201-250 range). In the THE’s global ranking of the best universities for research, HSE ranks 199th.

HSE Improves Its Position in the International Three University Missions Ranking

HSE University continues to climb the Moscow international university ranking, The Three University Missions (MosIUR), this year taking 120th place. The ranking became the most representative in the world this year – for the first time, the number of ranked universities reached 1,500.

HSE University Climbs Shanghai Ranking

HSE University has advanced to the 801-900 group in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), also known as the Shanghai Ranking and now ranks in the 7th-8th place among Russian universities. Moreover, HSE University is the only Russian university to improve its standing in the ranking this year.

HSE University Ranks Third Among Russian Law Schools for Graduates’ Salaries

HSE University has risen from fourth to third place in the Superjob University Ranking in terms of the salaries made by young professionals in the legal field who graduated in 2014–2019. According to the ranking’s authors, our graduates can expect to earn an average of 100,000 rubles a month in Moscow.

HSE University Places Second on Superjob Alumni Salary Ranking of Russian Economics Universities

HSE University alumni working in economics and finance, earn an average of 115,000 rubles a month in their first five years of work after graduation. This is the second best result among universities, according to data from the Superjob job search website.