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Jun 25, 16:00

Linguistic Convergence Laboratory Seminar with Peter Arkadiev (Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies) on ‘Towards a typology of passive lability with special reference to Abaza

Jul 3 – Jul 4
BRICS Civil Forum

Applications for participation can be submitted until June 20, 2024 

Jul 15 – Jul 17

International conference 'Algebraic Topology and Applications'

Illustration for news: A Shadow Play Performed by Students to Premiere at HSE School of Design

A Shadow Play Performed by Students to Premiere at HSE School of Design

On March 16, first-year students of the ‘Event Design. Theatre. Performance’ programme at the HSE Art and Design School will perform a shadow play entitled 'Don't Seek Summer in Winter.' The premiere performance and the preceding event are based on a Slovak folk legend and Samuel Marshak's fairy tale 'The Twelve Months.' The performers will guide the audience through the four seasons, allowing viewers to experience all twelve months at once, like the main character in the fairy tale, and to discover light amidst the all-encompassing darkness. The event is open to anyone interested, but registration is required.

Illustration for news: International Students Learn Russian Through Theatre Performance

International Students Learn Russian Through Theatre Performance

International students at HSE University acted in and shot a film-play in Russian as part of the ‘Russian through Drama’ course. The students spent a semester preparing the play, immersing themselves in the Russian language and cultural environment. The HSE News Service spoke with the instructors and students about their work on the play and their Russian studies.

Illustration for news: What Theatre Can Tell Us about the Past

What Theatre Can Tell Us about the Past

What do we remember about Soviet theatre, what can historical documents tell us about it, and how do Soviet narratives impact life in contemporary theatres and beyond? At the Theatre and Time Conference, hosted by HSE University, participants discussed these questions and more.