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Jan 24, 17:00

ANR-Lab seminar 'Social Research in Times of Big Data'

Jan 27, 18:00
'EU and the Arab World: Anxious Neighbors or Natural Partners?' Seminar of the HSE Bulgarian and Middle Eastern Clubs with Ruslan Trad
Oct 2 – Oct 3

'Beyond Moscow. Rethinking the International and Transnational Dimensions of the Soviet Republics' Call for Papers. Deadline for proposal submission: January 31, 2022

Deadline for proposal submission: January 31, 2022 

Illustration for news: Home Study or Home Suffering? Lessons of the Pandemic for Primary and Secondary Education

Home Study or Home Suffering? Lessons of the Pandemic for Primary and Secondary Education

Online learning for schoolchildren — a temporary solution authorities have implemented due to the COVID-19 epidemic — has generated a lot of heated debate. Families worry about the quality and outcomes of online learning, and teachers worry about the excessive workload. School heads have their own headache about how to organise the remote learning. A year has passed since the start of the pandemic, and students have been attending their classes online since March — it is already possible to take stock and look at the situation in a comprehensive and impartial manner, which is what a team of HSE researchers has done. Here are the main results of their study and their proposed solutions to the most pressing problems.

Illustration for news: Why Maths at Schools Shouldn’t Be Simplified

Why Maths at Schools Shouldn’t Be Simplified

A good knowledge of algebra and geometry helps schoolchildren to solve some other types of tasks, including applied ones. These are the findings made by researchers from HSE, Stanford, and Michigan State University in a joint study.

‘The Idea is to Produce Excellent Researchers’

The International Laboratory for Educational Policy Research has been working at the HSE for more than a year. Its academic supervisor, Stanford University professor Martin Carnoy told us about the results of this year’s research, their forthcoming plans and the future of the laboratory.