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Monday, September 21

International Conference on Applied Research in Economics

Format subject to change. Follow updates on the conference website 

International Fall School 'Education and Development'

Deadline for requests: July 10 

HSE Students Win Competition for Public Service Advertising Against Corruption

Students at the HSE School of Integrated Communications, Faculty of Communications, Media and Design won all the prizes in a public service advertising competition against corruption. The contest is run by the Moscow City department for competition policy. The HSE students’ posters were selected from 175 pieces submitted from different Russian regions and the near abroad. The prize giving ceremony was in a city government building on New Arbat on December 10.

Create an Environment for Young Talent with New Business Ideas

The HSE International Institute of Administration and Business held a master-class with Peter Knauer, management advisor for the food manufacturer Mars Inc in Russia. Peter Knauer has more than 20 years experience of working in Central and Eastern Europe and specialises in the chocolate business. He was head of  Cadbury’s in the region and a director for Mars in the CIS. Peter’s presentation was called ‘Innovations in Business: nice to have or must be?’He gave an interview to HSE’s News Service.

Trust Can Eliminate Corruption

On June 5, research fellows at the HSE Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (LCSR) took part in the 3rd International Conference ‘Business Ethics and National Models of Behavior’, which was held at the Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance.

Corruption and Social Values — A Challenging Area to Research

Prof. Dr. Christian Welzel's (Leuphana University, Laboratory of Comparative Social Research at the HSE — Saint Petersburg) research focuses on the question of how ordinary people’s value orientations vary across the political cultures of contemporary societies in a global comparative perspective. The HSE English language News Service asked Professor Welzel to tell us more about how he sees the problem of corruption.

Low Wages Encourage Corruption

The more income a policeman and his family earn, the less open he is to corruption. Tatiana Karabchuk report “Wages and unofficial payments in the police: a comparative analysis in Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Latvia”.

Corruption Weighed by Post-Material Values

If the majority of a country’s population moved from values of survival to values of self-expression, individuals with both types of values will try to avoid corrupt behaviour. But if, as in Russia, values of survival prevail in society, individuals with values of self-expression are inclined to act corruptly. This is the conclusion of a study by Maria Kravtsova and Alexey Oshchepkov.