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Chasing Success May Lead to Burnout

Burnout is a major problem affecting many people today; it is often associated with the accelerating pace of life, society's obsession with consumption, and the pursuit of success. Burnout can equally affect an office employee stuck in a monotonous job and a successful yet disillusioned entrepreneur, according to Alfried A. Laengle, Professor of the HSE's Department of Psychology of Personality and author of the report 'Burnout: Ashes after the Fireworks. Existential and Analytical Understanding and Prevention'.

Illustration for news: Manage Stress through Using Psycho-Dramas, Photo Collages and the 'Life Balance Wheel'

Manage Stress through Using Psycho-Dramas, Photo Collages and the 'Life Balance Wheel'

December 21 saw HSE hold its first psychology festival 'Offload FEST', in which specialists from the HSE's Psychological Consultation Center talked about the various different ways of achieving understanding, fighting stress and coping with problems. Below we list some of their very useful advice.

A New Research Adventure Begins

On December 4-6, a cross-disciplinary workshop called ‘Cognitive Control, Communication and Perception: Psychological and Neurobiological Aspects’ will be held at Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Dr Pascal Belin, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Aix-Marseille University, Director of the European Center for Research in Medical Imaging, one of the key participants at the event, kindly agreed to speak with the HSE news service and shed some light on his research.

Illustration for news: Why Study Emotions Across the World

Why Study Emotions Across the World

Professor Gerrod Parrott from Georgetown University has come to the HSE for a brief visit to deliver a series of lectures to master’s students at the Faculty of Psychology. On October 17 he also gave a public lecture on ‘Effects of American and Russian Cultures on Emotions’. The aim of the presentation was to introduce several research topics, describe preliminary findings and explore possibilities of collaboration with Russian researchers in this field.

Uniting Science and Film

The film Alive Inside by American director Michael Rossato-Bennett discusses the surprising results of treating Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders with the help of music. The director first got the idea to make the film after he met Dan Cohen, a volunteer at a nursing home.

The Brain Values Individuals' Own Information

When people have a choice, they can either rely on their own information or on that received from those around them. The more emotional an individual's relationship with their own data, the higher the likelihood that, when making a decision, they will be led by that rather than by other people's opinions. This also applies to investors' activity on the financial markets – as research by HSE Psychology Faculty Dean Vasily Klyucharev, and researchers from the University of Basel Rafael Huber and Jörg Rieskamp.

Happy Customers Prepared to Pay More

The better a customer's mood, the less they are concerned about a product's price and quality and the more they are driven by attractive design, the reputation of the brand, and other people's opinions, according to a study by Olga Patosha, Associate Professor of the Department of Organisational Psychology, and Tatiana Varavina, Master of Psychology, published in the HSE's 'Psychology'.

'I Try to Say Surprising Things, to Keep Students on Their Toes'

From June 3 – 18, 2014, you can hear Kennon M. Sheldon reading a series of lectures on the Positive Psychology of Motivation at the HSE. The lectures are open to all students and staff.

HSE Postgraduate Students in Psychology to Conduct World-Class Psychophysiological Research

This year the Postgraduate School of Psychology will admit 10 individuals for state-funded spots. Those selected will attend courses that correspond with their areas of academic interest and work in laboratories using the most modern equipment.

To Learn What Emotions Are and What They Do

On September 25, 2013, the HSE International Laboratory for Socio-cultural Research will conduct its regular seminar ‘Culture Matters’. Marcel Zeelenberg, Head of Department of Social Psychology and Seger Breugelmans PhD, Professors of the Tilburg University (the Netherlands), will speak on ‘Emotion and Decision Making: A Feeling is for Doing Approach’. They gave a special interview for the HSE news service.