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Tuesday, June 25


Linguistic Convergence Laboratory Seminar with Peter Arkadiev (Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies) on ‘Towards a typology of passive lability with special reference to Abaza

Illustration for news: How to Overcome the Language Barrier

How to Overcome the Language Barrier

The term 'language barrier' refers to any difficulties that arise when speaking a non-native language. Almost every person studying a foreign language has experienced this unpleasant phenomenon. The reasons for this problem include a fear of the unknown, a fear of mistakes, embarrassment because of one's accent, a fear of being misunderstood and much more. All of these problems are a psychological component of the language barrier. In this article, foreign students from different countries share their experiences and help foreign applicants overcome their fears.

Illustration for news: Five Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Year at HSE University-St Petersburg

Five Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Year at HSE University-St Petersburg

If you are an international student, there is a good chance that there are some things you do not know about the university you applied to. It can be hard to adapt to a new place, new people, and—most importantly—a new educational system. That is why we asked Yesuigen Tsogjavkhlan, 2nd-year student of the Bachelor’s programme ‘Public Policy and Analytics’, to share five things she wishes she had known before coming to HSE University-St Petersburg.

Illustration for news: 'I Came to Make a Difference'

'I Came to Make a Difference'

Yesuigen Tsogjavkhlan, from Mongolia, reflects on her experience as an international student majoring in ‘Public Policy and Analytics’ at HSE University-St Petersburg and shares her story of coming to Russia.

Illustration for news: ‘I Made a Lot of Friends and My Speaking Level Improved’

‘I Made a Lot of Friends and My Speaking Level Improved’

On December 23, students of the HSE Preparatory Year got together for a festive Russian speaking club. They expanded their vocabulary and cultural outlook by immersing themselves in Russian winter holiday traditions and even played the role of Ded Moroz—the Russian Santa.

Illustration for news: ‘As a Family, We Will Always Be Together’

‘As a Family, We Will Always Be Together’

On November 25th, the HSE Pokrovka building hosted the ‘The Whole World in HSE’ festival, which brought together HSE students from Indonesia, Korea, China and Armenia, as well as Europe, Latin America, and various Russian regions, to celebrate the university’s 30th anniversary.

Illustration for news: ‘A High Concentration of Intercultural Communications’

‘A High Concentration of Intercultural Communications’

The team of the HSE International Preparatory Year said goodbye to its students at a graduation party that took place at the HSE Cultural Centre. 197 students from 58 countries graduated from the programme this year. They learned Russian and profile subjects in Russian, which has helped over 100 of them to enrol in degree programmes at HSE University.