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Tuesday, May 17

Wednesday, May 18

Illustration for news: Meditation Affects People in Different Ways

Meditation Affects People in Different Ways

A group of researchers from the HSE Centre for Bioelectric Interfaces has studied the activity of the brain and other body systems during meditation. It was the first study to show that, when following the same instructions, some people relax, while others concentrate. The results of the study were published in the PLOS ONE journal.

Illustration for news: ‘The Study Experience at HSE University Was Important to Me in Starting in a New Career’

‘The Study Experience at HSE University Was Important to Me in Starting in a New Career’

Russian corporations have started practicing mindfulness meditation to solve psychological tasks in their teams. The Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being journal has accepted for publication the paper ‘Short-Term Effects of an Online Mindfulness Meditation Intervention’ by Evgeny Osin, Associate Professor at the HSEFaculty of Social Sciences, and Irina Turilina, graduate of the master’s programme in Counselling Psychology. Personality Studies. Irina spoke to the HSE News Service about the research and her studies at HSE University.