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HSE Organises Collection of Presents for Veterans from Rzhevsky Care Facility

HSE students, volunteers of the Open Your Eyes student project, and the Joy of Old Age (Starost' v Radost') foundation will be organizing a visit to Rzhevsky care facility for seniors on the eve of the Victory Day.

On May 9, 2017 HSE students will go there to celebrate this happy and sad day with seniors, whose childhood and youth passed in the war time. They will organize a concert with songs and verses of military years and just socialize with the veterans. Students also plan to give them small presents and cards with sincere wishes. Therefore, all students and university staff members are invited to take part in the collection of presents and sweets for the seniors in Rzhevsky care facility.

The items will be collected on April 25-26 (Tuesday and Wednesday) from 10:30 to 18:00 at the following HSE buildings:

  • 9/11 Myasnitskaya ulitsa – hall on the first floor
  • 33 Kirpichnaya ulitsa – hall on the first floor
  • 26 Shabolovka ulitsa – hall on the second floor
  • 34 Tallinskaya ulitsa – hall on the first floor

The list of things needed includes:

  • towels
  • disposable cloth diapers (size 60/90)
  • adult diapers (sizes 3(L)  and 4(XL))
  • cleaning and hygiene products for immobile patients (protective creams, cleansing foam)
  • wet wipes (any).

In addition, there are things that will make seniors’ leisure more entertaining:

  • crossword puzzles
  • soap bubbles and balloons
  • checkers, chess, bingo, dominoes, playing cards, boarding games
  • craft kits: watercolor paper, colored paper, clay, yarn and knitting needles/crochet hooks, embroidery kits etc.
  • paint by numbers kits
  • sweets: marshmallows, jellies, soft pre-packaged candy, tea bags
  • diabetic sweets (soft sweets on xylitol or sorbitol).

If you have any difficulty delivering the presents and other things, please call or email the organizers and they will try to help you.


Yana Belyakova

Phone: 89164220659

Vkontakte page:  vk.com/id20057411

Elena Titova

Phone: 8 (495) 772 95 90 *22557

Email: etitova@hse.ru