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Aug 24 – Aug 28

POSTPONED: Summer School on Machine Learning in Bioinformatics

Follow updates on the summer school website 

Sep 3, 18:00

3rd International Online Seminar on Computational Educational Sciences: 'Uplift Modeling for Preventing Student Dropout in Higher Education'

Sep 16 – Sep 18

International Seminar on 'Global Longevity: Advances and Challenges'

Deadline for submitting abstract: 15th June, 2020  

Sep 21 – Sep 23

International Conference on Applied Research in Economics

Format subject to change. Follow updates on the conference website 

The Demographic Echo of War

The Second World War ended on September 2, 1945. A new study of human losses suffered by the Soviet Union and their consequences for subsequent generations was published in Demoscope Weekly, an HSE online journal.

The HSE Launches ‘The Institute of Precedent’ Website

The project aims to comprehensively cover the role of courts in the development of law and promote the integration of Russian court practice into the international information environment.

Anti-School Attitudes Depend on the Immediate Environment

A child’s attitude towards school is formed by his parents and classmates. And, according to a new study published in Voprosy Obrazovaniya (Education Issues) magazine, the type of school doesn’t have a significant influence on his or her view.

Urban Projects: From Ideas to Implementation

This summer, the HSE Perm Faculty of Management organized its first international summer school on urban projects. The summer school 'Urban Projects: From Ideas to Implementation' focused on designing a campus park. Irina Shafranskaya, Deputy Dean of the HSE Perm Faculty of Management, shared her impressions of the summer school.

The Intellectuals on Contemporary Humanities Disciplines

The Congress 100th Anniversary of Russian Formalism (1913-2013) is being held by the leading Russian humanities centers, including the Higher School of Economics and Russian State University for the Humanities on August, 25-29, 2013, in Moscow.

HSE Day in Gorky Park: Information for the HSE's International Colleagues and Friends

On Tuesday, September 10, 2013, HSE Day will take place for the second time in Moscow's Gorky Park. The celebration is open to students, staff, and alumni of the University as well as all Moscow residents.

The Solar System and the Asteroid Threat

On September 11-13, 2013, an international seminar “The Solar System and the Asteroid Threat” will take place at the HSE. Mark Boslough, Professor at the University of New Mexico and a member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories, and Roberto Furfaro, Professor at the University of Arizona and the head of the Space Systems Engineering Laboratory, will speak on the issues. The event is being organized by the Research Laboratory of Space Research, Technologies, Systems, and Processes at the HSE. Mark Boslough gave a special interview to the HSE news service.

International Conference G20 Partnership for Growth and Jobs

An international pre-summit conference “G20 Partnership for Growth and Jobs” will be held at the Higher School of Economics on 29 August 2013. The conference discussions will focus on the Russian G20 Presidency priorities and the forthcoming St. Petersburg Summit`s agenda; current challenges the G20 members face and the recommendations for their solution.

HSE Researchers about the Summer School in London School of Economics

Kirill Zhirkov, LCSR, HSE St. Petersburg Campus, research fellow took part in the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)  Summer School at the course ‘The Middle East in Global Politics’. That’s his impressions on the international summer school which was possible due to the LCSR financial support.

Social Media - From a Research Point of View

The HSE Laboratory for Internet Research and the Laboratory for Sociology of Science and Education held The international summer school “Social Network Analysis: Internet Research” on 15-22nd August this year on campus at HSE St Petersburg.