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Friday, October 18

International Conference 'Youth in the 21st Century: Multiplicity And Difference'

Deadline for submitting proposals - June 10, 2019 

Honorary Report by Dirk Berg-Schlosser

On April 6th Professor Dirk Berg-Schlosser delivered an honorary report at the HSE 11th International Conference on the Problems of Economic and Social Development. Video of the event added.

‘You Are Lucky to Live in Russia‘

On April 6th - 8th the 11th International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development took place at the HSE. Some guest speakers at the Conference shared their impressions on the event.

Matter of Trust

On April 5th Luigi Luiso gave a special lecture on ‘The Right Amount of Trust’ at the Higher School of Economics. The event was organized as an additional event for the 11th International Conference on the Problems of Economic and Social Development. Video of the event added.

‘Students Consider Themselves the Intellectual Backbone of the Country’

Mark Katz, a Professor and political scientist at George Mason University, the USA, recently visited the HSE Faculty of Applied Political Science for two weeks, delivering lectures and holding seminars. Prof. Katz talked to us about his visit to Moscow.

Who is Responsible for a Student’s Failure?

On March 9th –12th a group of European analysts carried out some research on education and education quality improvement systems in the context of the Bologna process at the HSE. The preliminary results of the research were unveiled at two presentations.

‘Free Market and Human Rights are Two Parts of a Whole’

On March 6th John Dale, Professor of Sociology at George Mason University, USA, was a guest at the HSE stand at the ‘Education and Career:21st Century’exhibition which took place in Moscow. His speech in front of prospective HSE students at the exhibition was part of the programme of his Moscow visit.

‘Baltic Practice’ in Oslo

On March 10th the HSE ’Baltic Practice’ project, which will take place this year in Oslo from August 1st –8th, was unveiled at the HSE.

‘A Student Coming to Study here Starts to Understand that he is in Demand on the Labour Market’

Alla Bolotova, Dean of the HSE Faculty of Psychology, talked to us about the faculty’s educational programmes, plans and projects, teachers, students and graduates.

ICEF Research Seminar

On March 4th Maarten Janssen delivered a presentation on ‘Oligopolistic Markets with Sequential Search and Asymmetric Information’at the HSE International College of Economics and Finance Research Seminar. You can watch a video of the event here.

‘We Train Experts for the Future World’

Sergey Karaganov, Dean of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, told us what kind of education this faculty offers to its prospective students.