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‘New Tasks are Facing the Laboratory’

On June 17th an international seminar on ‘Information Law and Politics’was held at the HSE Faculty of Law and a Research Laboratory on Information Law was unveiled.

‘We shall Definitely Attract other HSE Faculties to the Cooperation’

From May 31st to June 1st a joint Russian-Chinese conference on ‘Transition and Economic Development in China and Russia:Past and Future'took place at the HSE. The event was organized by the Faculty of Economics. On the Chinese side, leading economists from two large universities, Wuhan and Hong Kong, took part in the conference. Vladimir Avtonomov, Dean of the HSE Faculty of Economics, told us about the event and cooperation with the colleagues from China.

Poland: the Return to Europe

On June 8th and 9th the HSE Faculty of Law welcomed Michal Sewerynski, professor at the Institute of Lodz, Poland.

‘We Need to Overcome the Cultural Barrier’

On May 24th –26th the Samuel P. Huntington Memorial Symposium on Culture, Cultural Change and Economic Development took place at the HSE. It was organized by the Cultural Change Institute (the Fletcher School, Tufts University, USA) and the Higher School of Economics. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev met with the Symposium participants.

‘In the End we shall Get a Strong Interdisciplinary Project’

On May 13th and 17th two meetings took place at the HSE –in Moscow and in Saint-Petersburg – HSE representatives met with members of the Harvard University Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

Motivation for Natural Selection

On May 22nd the first meeting of the International Advisory Committee of the Higher School of Economics took place. The Committee involves leading world experts in economics, sociology and education.

‘How to Make Educational Systems More Effective?’

On May 22nd Sir Michael Barber delivered a lecture on ‘How to Make Educational Systems More Effective?’ at the HSE. Video of the event added.

HSE’s Twelve

Recently an International Advisory Committee was formed at the HSE. Its next meeting will take place on May 22nd. Isak Froumin, acting Vice Rector of the HSE, told us about the Committee’s tasks, members and principles of its work.

SURFing on the Waves of Russian-American Relations

In April a group of HSE students participated in the Stanford US-Russia Forum which took place at Stanford University. Igor Tomashov, 1st-year master’s student of the HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, talked to us about the event.

‘Participants Didn’t Expect an Instant Return on the Seminar’

Between May 3rd –7th the Ronald Coase Institute (USA) Seminar on Institutional Economics took place at the HSE. The seminar is traditionally held in key national research universities around the world. In this, the tenth anniversary year of these seminars, the HSE became a co-organizer and Maria Yudkevich, HSE Director for Academic Development and one of the seminar experts, told us about the event.