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HSE and University of Luxembourg: Expanding the Collaboration

In October the HSE Faculty of Law and the University of Luxembourg Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance signed a cooperation agreement . Evgeniy Salygin, Dean of the HSE Faculty of Law, spoke to us about this.

‘Research is the Lifeblood of the Faculty’

Mark Urnov, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Political Science, told us about the results of the negotiations on the launch of joint Master’s programmes between the faculty and American universities, as well as about research plans, reforms of the educational process and Chinese writing.

HSE and CFA: a Special Level of Knowledge and Honour

The HSE Banking Institute has become a partner of the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute, which unites about 70000 certified financial analysts worldwide. Vasily Solodkov, Director of the HSE Banking Institute and Richard Hainsworth, President of CFA Association (Russia), told us about this joint programme.

Eurostatistics of Knowledge Economy

At a seminar on October 9th at the HSE, Veijo Ritola, Head of Eurostat Sector on Statistics on Science, Technology and Innovation, presented his report ‘Eurostat's statistics on science, technology and innovation (European Commission)’, where he explained how statistics are gathered and processed in the EU. We publish a report and an audio extract from the seminar .

Nano Time

On October 7th –8th the Second Nanotechnology International Forum took place in Moscow. One of its most important sessions, Foresight, Roadmaps and Indicators for Nanotechnology and Nanoindustry, was organized by experts from the Higher School of Economics.

HSE: a New Official Status

The Higher School of Economics has been given the status of a National Research University.

To the Future with Foresight

Foresight research allows us to predict the future, and therefore to be ready for it. This was the main idea of the seminar ‘Scientific, Technical and Innovation Policies ’which was held on October 6th by the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge with the participation of experts from the University of Manchester.

Media Management in an Era of Change

Why does Metro newspaper have 20 million daily readers? How does the BBC master new technologies and how do they influence the company’s management? We publish the answers given by Swedish professors to these questions at a seminar which took place on September 30th at the HSE. We’re also publishing a video of the presentations given by Nils Enlund on ‘The Role of Technology Factors in Media Systems Development’and Christopher Rosenqwist on ‘Changes in Business Technologies through the example of Metro Newspaper’.

The Planet in the 21st Century: We’ll have to Negotiate

On September 24th a roundtable discussion on ‘Geopolitical Consequences of the Financial Crisis. A New World Financial Order?’ took place at the HSE. It was organized by the ‘Liberalnaya Missiya'(‘Liberal Mission') Foundation and during the event Deepak Lal, Yegor Gaidar, Vladimir Mau and Evgeniy Yasin discussed what’s going on in the world.

London G20 Summit Compliance Report

The International Organizations Research Institute of the Higher School of Economics in cooperation with the National Training Foundation have prepared the London G20 Summit Compliance Report . The report presents the G20 member-states’and the European Union (EU) compliance performance with the commitments made within the framework of the G20 summit in London on 2 April 2009.