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Friday, May 29


XXI April Academic Conference: Session ‘Energy and Climate: Economics and Politics


Ata Lab Seminar ‘Disease Progression Models


Alexander Kamenskiy: ‘Teaching History Needs to Look Forward ’

Alexander Kamenskiy, Dean of the HSE Faculty of History which will open in the next academic year told us about the opportunities for improving the way history is taught, and changes in Russian education.

The Rise of the Prosumer

On December 11th, 2009, the latest in our regular series of video conferences took place at the HSE Department of General Sociology as part of the Master’s programme in ‘Sociology of the Public Sphere and Social Communications’. George Ritzer, a prominent sociologist, was the speaker. You can watch a video of the event here .

The Ability to Ask Questions and Get Answers

On December 9th Lord Michael Barber, one of the world’s leading experts in improving the effectiveness of public administration, delivered the first in a series of lectures as guest professor at the Faculty of Public Administration of the Higher School of Economics. Video and presentation slides added.

Interuniversity Globalization

On December 8th the final seminar in the video-course on ‘Human Rights in the Globalizing World’ took place at the HSE. This video conference was chaired by Nina Belyaeva, Head of the HSE Department of Public Policy, and John Dale, Professor at George Mason University, USA.

Bronze for the HSE Team

A student team from the HSE Faculty of Management (Master’s programme in ‘Marketing Communications and Advertising in Modern Business’) has won third prize in the Worldwide Global Academic Challenge .

Trends in Higher Education Research

On December 1st a seminar on ‘Trends in Higher Education Research’took place at the HSE. It was organized by the HSE Institute for the Development of Education, Dmitry Zimin’s ‘Dynasty’Foundation and the Russian Economic School. Professor Philip Altbach, Director of the Center for International Higher Education (CIHE), Boston College (USA), gave a lecture at the seminar. We have published a video of the event.

Paris is Worth It

Alexander Chepurenko, Dean of the HSE Faculty of Sociology, told us about the new double degree programme –a joint programme between the Higher School of Economics and Paris West University Nanterre La Défense .

Joint Defense of Vital Interests

On November 24th a French-Russian roundtable discussion entitled ‘Thoughts on Europe’s Geopolitics’, with the participation of Michel Foucher, Director of the Centre for Analysis and Forecasting, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, took place at the HSE.

‘I Never Went Back to Mexico’

On November 20th a meeting with Fernando Pelaez-Pier, the President of the International Bar Association, took place at the HSE. He answered numerous questions from the students with the help of his colleagues - Akira Kawamura, Vice President, and Tomasz Wardynski, PR Director.

Truth about Lord Barber

Lord Michael Barber, one of the world’s leading experts in the improvement of the effectiveness of public administration, will deliver a course of lectures in December at the HSE Faculty of Public Administration . HSE Vice-Rector Isaak Frumin spoke to us about this.