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International Conference on ‘The Post-Soviet Space as a Language Project: Media, Politics, and Culture’

On December 20-21 the HSE is hosting an international conference on ‘The Post-Soviet Space as a Language Project: Media, Politics, and Culture’. The conference has been organized by the HSE Faculty of Media Communications and the RANEPA Centre for Humanitarian Studies with the support of the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation. Leading researchers from Russia, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan will attend.

In today’s social environment with its extraordinarily complex architecture, the role of language is not at all straightforward: it can be a “cage-barrier”, a “bridge-lift”, a “door-key”, connecting and dividing, oppressing and liberating.

Speakers at the conference will include Professor Maksim Krongauz, author of ‘Russian on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown’, HSE Professor and well-known philologist Gassan Guseinov, sociologist Andreas Languenoll, and RGGU Professor, culturologist Igor Kondakov.

The conference will highlight the most important aspects of the ethnolinguistic situation in Russia and abroad, and determine the role of the media in the formation of these phenomena. The reports will cover such topics as linguistic capital and the linguistic market, theories and practices of language building, language discrimination and linguicide, political correctness, freedom of speech, representation of language problems in literary and media texts, etc..

The researchers will discuss post-Soviet practices of linguo-cultural building, implemented in politics, education, science, literature, and media on a global, national, regional, and local scale. The participants will try to determine the role of languages and media in constructing  the identity of countries, regions, diasporas, social groups, movements, and cultural communities.

The event will take place in the HSE building at 2/8 Khitrovsky Pereulok, Building 5. Everyone interested is welcome.

See also:

German Week 2015 at HSE Saint Petersburg

During the XII Germany Week in St. Petersburg, the Gorky House of Scientists under the Russian Academy of Sciences hosted an international research conference ‘Russia and Germany – regional economies after sanctions,’ organized by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and HSE.

HSE Sociologists Present on Life Trajectories of Russian Pupils at Yale Conference

A group of sociologists from the HSE presented the results of their academic work at the 10th conference of Yale University’s Center for Cultural Sociology. A special panel session of the conference was devoted entirely to the research being carried out by HSE’s Institute of Education on the life trajectories of Russian pupils.

Your Chance to Pick the Brains of International Academic Journal Chief Editors at HSE Conference Session

On the 28th May at the ‘Analytical communities in policy advisory systems at global and local level: comparative analysis of policy impact’ international conference there will be a special ‘journals’ session. The editors of four major international journals on public policy will explain how they select articles for publication and give advice on how to present your work to improve the chances of getting it published in a good journal.

Universities Change Cities

On March 21-22 2014, an international conference ‘Saint Petersburg for Education and Reforms: Education and Global Cities’ will take place at the Alexandrinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg.

Olympic Debates at the HSE Perm

A videoconference Let’s Talk Olympics  was held at the HSE Perm. It was organized for students of the HSE and California University of Pennsylvania.

Futures under The Microscope

The HSE Annual Conference on Foresight and STI Policy: Cooperation, Coordination, and Challenges has come to a close. For two days (October 30-31) at the HSE premises at the foot of the Shukhov Radio Tower, signals were analysed that will sooner or later show up in contemporary socio-economic policy and in future news stories.

Professor David Engerman: ‘Americans in particular view "Cold War culture" as repressive - and don't really have much understanding of soviet life. Yet both societies shared responsibility for the Cold War’

On October 17-19, 2013 the international conference ‘Social and Human Sciences on Both Sides of the “Iron Curtain”’ organized by the HSE Poletayev Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in the Humanities is being held in Moscow. David Engerman, Professor of History at Brandeis University told the news service about a new western approach to understanding soviet life during the Cold War.

Economic perspective on culture and diversity

On October 18-19, 2013 the conference 'Culture, Diversity, and Development' will be held in Moscow. Leonid Polishchuk, Professor, Head of the Laboratory for Applied Studies of Institutions and Social Capital at the HSE, shared his vision of the issue and introduced some participants of the conference to the HSE news service.

Profesor Wade Hands: ‘My conjecture is that economics felt a much more direct influence from the Cold War than the other social sciences’

The HSE international conference on "Social and Human Sciences On Both Sides of the 'Iron Curtain'" starts on October 17, 2013 in Moscow. Professor D. Wade Hands of the Department of Economics University of Puget Sound and co-editor of The Journal of Economic Methodology spoke to the HSE news service ahead of the conference about his expectations for a lively and interesting discussion.

Olessia Kirtchik:‘Behind common images of intransigent opposition, an exciting story of parallel developments, hidden connections, mutual interest emerges’

On October 17-19, 2013 the international conference ‘Social and Human Sciences on Both Sides of the “Iron Curtain”’ organized by the HSEPoletayev Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in the Humanities will be held in Moscow. Olessia Kirtchik, senior research fellow at the Poletayev Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in the Humanities, member of the programme committee of the conference spoke to HSE news service about the conference and why this is such an intriguing area of study.