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Research&Expertise news at HSE University

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The Rise of the Prosumer

On December 11th, 2009, the latest in our regular series of video conferences took place at the HSE Department of General Sociology as part of the Master’s programme in ‘Sociology of the Public Sphere and Social Communications’. George Ritzer, a prominent sociologist, was the speaker. You can watch a video of the event here .

The Ability to Ask Questions and Get Answers

On December 9th Lord Michael Barber, one of the world’s leading experts in improving the effectiveness of public administration, delivered the first in a series of lectures as guest professor at the Faculty of Public Administration of the Higher School of Economics. Video and presentation slides added.

Trends in Higher Education Research

On December 1st a seminar on ‘Trends in Higher Education Research’took place at the HSE. It was organized by the HSE Institute for the Development of Education, Dmitry Zimin’s ‘Dynasty’Foundation and the Russian Economic School. Professor Philip Altbach, Director of the Center for International Higher Education (CIHE), Boston College (USA), gave a lecture at the seminar. We have published a video of the event.

‘Valentina Matvienko’s Second Term’, article by Daniil Tsygankov

Daniil Tsygankov, Assistant Professor at the HSE Faculty of Public Administration, has published an article on ‘Valentina Matvienko’s Second Term:From Ambitious Projects to Threats of Removal ’in the Russian Analytical Digest Newsletter.

The Pursuit of Science

Is a modern university able to face the challenges of a changing society? What do governments, sponsors and students expect from the higher school? Can an ‘amateur’manage a university? Giliberto Capano, professor of Bologna University, gave a lecture on these and other topics at the HSE on November 5th .

To Be Published in the Best Journals

A database of articles and papers by HSE faculty staff published in international journals with a high citation index has been created at the HSE. Sergey Pekarsky, Deputy Head of the HSE Laboratory for Macroeconomic Analysis, and Martin Gilman, Director of the HSE Institute of Fundamental Interdisciplinary Research, told us about this database and its purpose .

‘Transformation of Ontologies: theoretical foundations and software platform for complex distributed systems’ by Eduard Babkin

A book by Eduard Babkin ‘Transformation of Ontologies:theoretical foundations and software platform for complex distributed systems ’has recently been published by Lambert Academik Publishing, Koln.

Sustainable World Order in the 21st Century

Can the competition between countries change into cooperation? Why have the mechanisms of power hegemony and ‘democracy clubs’become outdated? Where might the policy of cultural discrimination lead? On October 19th Harald Muller, Executive Director and Head of Research Department of the Frankfurt Peace Research Institute, gave a lecture at the HSE .

Eurostatistics of Knowledge Economy

At a seminar on October 9th at the HSE, Veijo Ritola, Head of Eurostat Sector on Statistics on Science, Technology and Innovation, presented his report ‘Eurostat's statistics on science, technology and innovation (European Commission)’, where he explained how statistics are gathered and processed in the EU. We publish a report and an audio extract from the seminar .

Nano Time

On October 7th –8th the Second Nanotechnology International Forum took place in Moscow. One of its most important sessions, Foresight, Roadmaps and Indicators for Nanotechnology and Nanoindustry, was organized by experts from the Higher School of Economics.