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  • Your Chance to Pick the Brains of International Academic Journal Chief Editors at HSE Conference Session

Your Chance to Pick the Brains of International Academic Journal Chief Editors at HSE Conference Session

On the 28th May at the ‘Analytical communities in policy advisory systems at global and local level: comparative analysis of policy impact’ international conference there will be a special ‘journals’ session. The editors of four major international journals on public policy will explain how they select articles for publication and give advice on how to present your work to improve the chances of getting it published in a good journal.

The conference which is running from 27-29th May is organised jointly by the HSE School of Public Policy and the Research Committees of the International Association of Political Science. Academics and directors of research centres from around the world will be taking part. The Chief editors of four peer-reviewed journals, indexed in Web of Science and Scopus, Iris Geva-May (Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis) Michael Howlett (Policy and Society), Frank Fisher (Critical Policy Studies) and Kenneth Couch (The Journal of Policy Analysis and Management) will all be there for a special session on academic journals.

There will be several topics for discussion at the journals session:

  1. What is the editorial policy of non-Russian journals? How do they work with academic articles, their expertise and selection process? Why might an article be rejected by one journal and accepted by another no less prestigious one? How significant are the editors’ own tastes and unspoken rules in forming editorial policy? How much does the name of a journal tell us? What kinds of research are more in demand, basic or applied?
  2. What should be the approach to internationalising Russian journals, including HSE journals? Which route should we take? Should we create a new international journal, integrate with an existing international journal, gradually convert the Russian one into an international one or make it a bi-lingual publication?
  3.  How well are journals on political science and public policy represented in Web of Science and Scopus? Are their alternative bases of citation, recognized by the academic community and by agencies that rate and evaluate universities?
  4. How can we raise awareness among the research community abroad about Russian developments in social sciences – and the other way around? How can we encourage Russian academics to publish in foreign journals and foreign academics in Russian ones?

Representatives of Russian academic journals on public policy and social sciences published by the HSE and other universities and institutes will be at the session.

The session will be at on 28th May at 13.00 in the main HSE building (20, Myasnitskaya Ulitsa) in auditorium 102.

To register for the event and to book a pass if necessary, please write to politanaliz@gmail.com – subject: Registration for journals presentation, indicate the FAO in your letter and the organisation you represent. For further information, please call + 7 (495) 772 95 90*22303 and ask to speak to Maria Shabanova or Artyom Uldanov.

By Oleg Seregin, HSE News Service portal

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