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HSE at World Youth and Students Festival

HSE at World Youth and Students Festival


On October 15th, 2017, the 19th World Youth and Students Festival kicked off in Sochi. Higher School of Economics prepared a research, education and discussion programme entitled ‘Economy and development for the future’ specially for the event.

The programme aims to create and popularize the best practices and knowledge in economics and entrepreneurship, as well as to help the international youth community network. The programme is aimed at young and future entrepreneurs, young corporate professionals in economics and finance, and students of economics.

The speakers in the programme will be Maxim Oreshkin, HSE graduate and Russian Minister of Economic Development; Tatiana Golikova, head of the Russian Accounts Chamber; Ksenia Yudaeva, First Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Russia; Yaroslav Kuzminov, HSE Rector; Alexey Kudrin, chairman of the board at the Centre of Strategic Development; and Dmitry Chernyshenko, CEO at Gazprom Media Holding.

The programme has also attracted the following international speakers: Doron Avni, Director of Public Policy & Government Relations for Europe, Middle East & Africa Emerging Markets region at Google; Gil Petersil, co-founder and partnership director at Meet Partners; Jean-Emmanuel Afota, president of A+Associates; Charles Hendry, former British Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change; Roger Munnings, chairman of the Board of Russo-British Chamber of Commerce; and Przemyslaw Grzywa, president, of YES, European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs.

The first day of the ‘Economy and development for the future’ programme will be dedicated to business accelerators, offering the participants the knowledge necessary for developing their own business.

The second day, entitled ‘Global trends: challenges and windows of opportunity’ will discuss global trends in socio-economic development, science & technology, environment, geopolitics and values, all of which will come in useful in entrepreneurial and career paths in the medium- and long-term. In addition to this, on October 17, at 1 pm, a meeting with Maxim Oreshkin, Russian Minister of Economic Development, will take place. The participants will be able to talk to him in an informal atmosphere.

The third day will focus on competencies and skills for the future, with speakers discussing their personal views of the future, the search for one’s place in this world, and possible trajectories taking into account major changes in the economy, including those related to the industrial revolution.

On the fourth day, the participants will discuss the ways to improve contemporary society both ‘from above’ (with the tools of social policy and social state), and ‘from below’, through the social responsibility of businesses, social entrepreneurship, and individual social behavior. At the conclusion of the programme, the speakers and the participants will share their views of the world in 2030 and make an attempt to predict the future on the basis of the information and conclusions discussed during the previous days.

The partners of the HSE programme are Opora Rossii, Delovaya Sreda (Sberbank), Preactum (Rybakov Fund), RANEPA, Rospredprinimatel Federal Programme, British Embassy in Moscow, Centre of Strategic Development, and Summa Group.

The 19th World Youth and Students Festival is taking place from October 15 to 21 in the Olympic Park in Sochi. It has attracted over 20,000 people aged from 18 to 35 from 150 countries.

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