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First National Educational Platform for Business Knowledge and Services Presented at the Festival of Youth and Students

A Russian nationwide educational online platform for entrepreneurs and to help develop infrastructure for the provision of public and commercial services based on a ‘one-stop-shop’ system, created by the Ministry of Economic Development together with Sberbank on the basis of the bank’s Business Environment online platform was presented on the last day of the youth festival. This platform is also known as the ‘National Knowledge and Solutions Platform’. HSE is a partner on the project.

‘This Russian nationwide educational platform will form the basis of a single ecosystem covering not only educational but also entrepreneurial activity’, says Maxim Parshin, Director of the Department for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Competition at the Russian Ministry of Economic Development. The platform aggregates services for entrepreneurs: CRM systems, financial products, and instruments for doing business online. An entrepreneur not only has access to knowledge but also the opportunity to consider  its practical application. This is a new channel for attracting customers for service suppliers, many of which are small and medium-sized business entities. The platform will also feature state services for registering or closing a business.

‘Educational programmes available on this platform cover all the key stages of the business cycle from launch to liquidation, and will offer best practices from diverse suppliers: universities, educational online and offline platforms, private consultants, and coaches,’ says Andrey Vanin, General Director at Business Environment. The platform contains a variety of formats, enabling it to meet all the entrepreneur’s key needs: the need for knowledge to solve current problems, the need for services to improve business performance, and the need for a community for its development and expansion.

Igor Chirikov, HSE Vice Rector, says that HSE joined the project as a partner because the university is interested in seeing a greater volume of professionals. He added that studying is a vital element in helping increase the likelihood that an entrepreneurial initiative will be successful, and HSE can provide essential skills for future entrepreneurs.

High-quality business education is a crucial factor in the development of and support for entrepreneurship in Russian regions and in improving the position of constituent entities in the National Investment Climate Rating and the Doing Business ranking. The platform's official launch is scheduled for early 2018. official launch of the platform is scheduled for early 2018.

During the festival week HSE presented a research and education programme titled ‘The Economy for Future Development’. This and more news about HSE activity at the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students can be found on the webpage (in Russian).

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‘If You Don’t Try, You for Sure Will Not Succeed’: Eugene Kaspersky Visits HSE

At the invitation of the HSE Student Business Club, CEO, Russian cybersecurity expert, and Forbes-ranking billionaire Eugene Kaspersky visited HSE University to meet with students. Kaspersky discussed the founding of his renowned Kaspersky Lab, his experience entering the international market, and the role of all things digital in the world.

Ghost of Recession: Why It Is Haunting Russia's Economy

This year, a slowdown is expected in the Russian economy. According to some forecasts, the country will enter recession in 2021 or possibly even earlier. However, according to the HSE Centre for Business Tendencies Studies (CBTS), there are no noticeable signs of recession at the moment. This article looks at what keeps Russia's economy from picking up pace and why slowdowns are a possibility, according to the HSE CBTS.

Researching the Link Between Organizational Culture and Innovation

Professor Carl Fey from Aalto University has been invited to speak at the 20th Annual April International Academic Conference at HSE Moscow. In his talk, entitled ‘Facilitating Innovation in Companies in Russia: The Role of Organizational Culture’, Professor Fey will present research that he has been conducting with his colleagues on the relationship between organizational culture and innovation. 

Innovation Supercluster to Appear in Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed Decree No. 672 on November 26 'On the creation of an innovation cluster in Moscow,' thus putting in motion an initiative of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin that the Higher School of Economics had played an active role in developing. Throughout the past year, HSE specialists studied the best practices of the world’s innovative megacities, worked with the Moscow government to hold a series of expert discussions on the principles of forming an innovation supercluster, and developed a draft concept establishing guidelines for interactions between potential cluster participants. Over time, the planned supercluster has the potential to embrace Moscow’s entire advanced-technology economy.

Professor from HSE School of Business Informatics Presents Innovations at Forum in Skolkovo

The 7th Moscow International Forum ‘Open Innovations.’ which took place from October 15 – 17 in Skolkovo, included an exhibition on the results of research carried out by academic institutions, small enterprises and leading universities, including HSE.

BRICS Countries Look for Their Place in Biotechnology Market

Over the past 20 years, the BRICS countries' contribution to biotechnology development has increased manyfold, but it may be too early to predict a change of global leaders in this field, according to HSE ISSEK researchers who examined biotechnology patenting in the BRICS countries and published their findings in Trends in Biotechnology.

Logic of Ignorance: Why Russian Oil Companies Are not Responsive to Environmental Concerns

Senior management of Russian oil companies lack environmental awareness and refuse to invest in environmental safety, according to Sofia Villo, who has examined the operations of Russia's major oil producer from an ecological perspective.

Doing Business No Matter What

Having a career as entrepreneur is possible even in adverse circumstances, such as going against one’s family, lacking connections and living in a small provincial community; all of these can stimulate rather than hinder one's entrepreneurial drive, found HSE researchers after studying the life trajectories of young Russian business owners. The study findings are presented in the paper 'Biography as a Tree of Choices: Discovering the Life Trajectories of Young Entrepreneurs in Russia'. 

Russia’s Innovation Powerhouses

HSE released its fifth Russian Regional Innovation Ranking, based on the 2015 findings, at a press conference hosted by TASS. Almost half Russia’s regions are relatively stable in terms of innovative development: their positions in the ranking have not changed significantly.

'The Best Way to Start a Business Is by Networking'

Cafes and restaurants in Russia currently find themselves in a very competitive environment, which is why a lot of new formats and ideas arise. In the latest edition of Success Builder, the founders of Jeffrey’s Coffee, Alexey Mironov and Alexey Karanyuk, discuss what makes a ‘good’ café, why it’s important to go see what competitors are up to, and what the prime costs of a double espresso are.