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Garage Museum of Contemporary Art Partners with HSE School of Design and UNIQLO to Host Recycle Day

Design by Evgeny Sychev
© Ekaterina Mavrodi

On November 18, the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art will host Recycle Day for the first time ever. Organised in cooperation with Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO and the HSE School of Design, this event is devoted to sustainable development and textile recycling.

Recycle Day was made possible thanks to Garage’s strategic partnership with UNIQLO. This partnership aims to improve the life of every individual. As part of this mission, Garage became a participant in UNIQLO RECYCLE, an initiative to collect items that will be given to those in need. The HSE School of Design joined in on this, and design students are now organising projects in the field of sustainable fashion. This includes collections made up of the brand’s items that for one reason or another could not be donated.

The event will also feature a presentation of UNIQLO and the School of Design’s joint project focusing on giving a new life to old items as an important aspect of conscious fashion. The special collection shows how to give new life to used items. The student projects involve repurposing various UNIQLO clothing items, including old jeans, shirts, and more.

Guests of Recycle Day can take part in lectures and workshops focusing on sustainable development issues. They can also learn how to create new products from old items, as well as find out about successful solutions in the realm of recycling. The day will end with a screening of a documentary on the connection between modern art and the environment.


November 18, 2018

12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Presentation of the UNIQLO-School of Design Project


A joint project was carried out as part of the partnership between UNIQLO and the HSE School of Design. The results of this project will be presented during a lab on Recycle Day. Experimenting with form and various approaches to styling old UNIQLO clothing, students used slow-fashion principles to explore various craft and traditional techniques of repurposing old clothes by hand.

The collaboration shows how old clothes can be rethought and brought back to life. Visitors will have an opportunity to see the projects and discuss their work and ideas with the young designers.

Recycle Workshop


A stain, mark, or hole on an item of clothing is no reason to throw it away. During Recycle Day, Garage will hold a workshop on repurposing old items that was inspired by UNIQLO’s projects with HSE students. Visitors will learn how to give new life to old clothing and make designer accessories or interior objects using weaving, embroidery and patchwork.

Participants are welcome to bring their old clothing items for repurposing

1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Talk Show. Sustainability: A Personal Choice

Lecture Series

During this event, historians, art scholars, and entrepreneurs will talk about measures that individuals can take to contribute to tackling environmental issues. They will also be able to share their personal experience in protecting the environment.

6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Film Screening. Waste Land

Lecture Series

New York-based contemporary artist Vik Muniz returns to his native Brazil to visit the giant landfill outside Rio de Janeiro and create waste-based portraits of people who work in waste sorting and recycling. Lucy Walker’s documentary blockbuster, which explores art and political activism, as well as ecology and capitalism, received the Amnesty International Film Prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 2010, and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature (2011), as well as the grand jury prize at Sundance (2010).

Director Lucy Walker, Brazil, Great Britain, 2010. 99 min. 16+


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