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HSE Celebrates 25 Years of Educational Partnerships with the Netherlands

On October 2 and 3, HSE University simultaneously celebrated two anniversaries of Russian-Dutch academic cooperation: the 25th anniversary of joint educational programmes between HSE University and Erasmus University Rotterdam, and the 10th anniversary of the Dutch educational center, Nuffic Neso Russia, with which HSE has a long-standing partnership.

HSE and Erasmus: How it All Began

Leading professors and alumni of the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences and Erasmus University Rotterdam celebrated the 25th anniversary of educational cooperation between the two universities at a large gathering. It is worth noting, however, that the cooperation between the two universities in fact goes back longer than that, to the very founding of HSE.

Erasmus University was HSE’s first Dutch university partner, and, as Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov said, the university greatly influenced HSE’s educational trajectory.

Erasmus University played a significant role in shaping the traditions and teaching style at HSE University

This is no coincidence, the Rector noted, since many of HSE’s first instructors and professors had spent quite a bit of time interning in Rotterdam.

Since then, the cooperation between the two universities has expanded significantly and now includes student exchanges, joint research projects, and a double-degree programme in economics.

Dutch HSE Faculty and Staff Members

Roelian Bastiaanse, Academic Supervisor of the Center for Language and Brain

Bart Geurts, Chief Research Fellow, International Laboratory for Logic, Linguistics and Formal Philosophy

Hans Koster, Leading Research Fellow, Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics

Samira Ferhees, Research Fellow, Linguistic Convergence Laboratory

Maarten Janssen, Emeritus Professor, Department of Theoretical Economics

How Russian and Dutch Universities Find Each Other

After establishing a partnership with Erasmus University, HSE began to actively develop collaborative relationships with additional Dutch universities. This effort has been facilitated, in particular, by an agreement with Nuffic Neso Russia, a Dutch organization for international cooperation in higher education. The organization’s 10th anniversary was also celebrated at HSE at a special roundtable, which was attended by representatives of Russian and Dutch universities, the Russian government, and the Dutch embassy.

‘Nuffic Neso Russia contributes significantly to the development of academic cooperation and mutual understanding between students, teachers, and researchers of our countries,’ said Yaroslav Kuzminov. ‘Russian and Dutch universities face common challenges that the digitalization of education and the digitalization of the economy as a whole present.’ Rector Kuzminov noted that HSE looks forward to conducting joint research and projects in this area with its Dutch partners.

10 Dutch University Partners of HSE

Erasmus University Rotterdam

University of Amsterdam

 University of Groningen

 University of Leiden

 University of Maastricht

 Radboud University Nijmegen

 Avans University of Applied Sciences

 Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

 University of Twente

 University of Tilburg

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) promotes collaborative scientific research between institutions in the Netherlands and abroad. A NWO board member, Wim van den Doel, also took part in the HSE roundtable. ‘My mission here is to find new ways to expand academic ties between Russia and the Netherlands,’ he said.

Education Connects Countries

Dutch Ambassador to Russia Rob Swartbol, who gave an address at the event, praised the success of Nuffic Neso in Russia and its key role in facilitating Russian-Dutch academic exchange. Since the organization’s founding 10 years ago, the number of Russian students studying in the Netherlands has tripled. ‘Student exchanges lead to better understanding between countries,’ Ambassador Swartbol emphasized.

In the fall of the 2019/20 school year


Dutch students are studying at HSE


HSE students are studying at Dutch universities

First Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Grigory Trubnikov, in turn, noted that Russia and the Netherlands have ‘a solid foundation for the further development of bilateral cooperation in scientific research and higher education.’ At the roundtable, he discussed the Russia’s initiative to develop a digital university model. It is not only about digitalizing educational programmes, but university management systems, as well, he noted. He also emphasized the importance of helping employees and researchers develop digital skills.

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HSE University Brings Major Conference in Philosophical Logic to Russia for the First Time

On October 2-4, HSE University hosted the international conference Trends in Logic 19. Current Issues in Philosophical Logic for the first time in Russia. The conference, which attracted a number of prominent Russian and international scholars, was organized jointly by the journal Studia Logica and the HSE International Laboratory for Logic, Linguistics and Formal Philosophy.

Russian and Chinese Education Systems Changing through the Influence of Digital Technology

The Second Russia-China Education Research Conference – Digital Transformation of Education and Artificial Intelligence – was held last week at HSE University. Researchers from the two countries discussed changes taking place in the national education systems thanks to the digital revolution, as well as what can be borrowed from mutual experiences.

HSE University and University of Bergen Sign Cooperation Agreement

The agreement provides for academic and cultural cooperation between the universities, student exchange, and joint research. HSE University and the University of Bergen have been partners in educational initiatives for eight years. The partnership began when the HSE Faculty of Law signed an agreement with the Norwegian university.

Economists and Researchers Gather at International Conference on Wealth and Income in Eastern Europe and CIS Countries

On September 17-18, HSE University hosted a special conference with the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW) on the topic of Experiences and Challenges in Measuring Income and Wealth in Eastern Europe and CIS Countries. This was the first IARIW conference to be held in a CIS country. HSE News Service spoke with American economist Barbara Fraumeni about her work with economic accounting and human capital and her experience attending the conference in Moscow.

HSE University and Italian Embassy Sign Agreement on Internships for Italian Students

On September 20, HSE University Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Italian Republic Pasquale Terracciano signed a cooperation agreement between the Embassy of Italy and HSE University.

Upcoming Neuroeconomics Symposium Aims to Share New Research and Build International Collaboration

On September 23-24, the CCCP19 Symposium ‘Cognition, Computation, Neuroeconomics and Performance’ will be held at HSE University. The goal of the symposium is to exhibit cutting edge research at the CCDM, a leading cognitive neuroscience research centre in Russia, and LNC2, a leading European research centre in neuroeconomics, cognitive neuroscience and neural theory. Ahead of CCCP19, the HSE News Service spoke with the conference organizer and several invited speakers about the plan for this symposium and the importance of their research in the field.


proposals for new international laboratories at HSE University have been received from researchers from Belgium, the UK, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, Norway, the USA, Estonia, and Japan.

Continuing Last Year’s Success at the Upcoming Conference in Applied Economics

The Second ICEF Conference in Applied Economics will be held at HSE University on September 14. The HSE News service spoke with organizers and participants about the upcoming full-day event, which features eight papers presented by renowned specialists from Russia and across Europe and concludes with an evening dinner.

Winners of the II International Economics Olympiad Announced in St. Petersburg

On July 31, the II International Economics Olympiad (IEO) for high school students came to a close in Saint Petersburg. In the team competition, the Brazilian team won the gold medal, while teams from China won silver and bronze. One of Russian teams placed fifth.

HSE Students Go to Asia to Study Local Specifics of Economics, Politics, and Cultures

The HSE University and Kyung Hee University double degree programme ‘Economics and Politics in Asia’ is currently enrolling students. Its academic supervisor, Denis Shcherbakov, spoke about the advantages of the programme, internships at Asian universities and companies, as well as the new focus on Southeast Asia.