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Illustration for news: 'Having Your Own Business Is a Daily Source of Motivation'

'Having Your Own Business Is a Daily Source of Motivation'

Starting your own business is usually a good thing, but it’s very scary, especially for someone with an honours diploma and a promising future in finance. Ekaterina Frolova, an ICEF alumna and the founder of CitYkids, a chain of children's centres, tells Success Builder why she forewent a career as a bank clerk to work with children, how to provide young moms with leisure time, and what motivates happy people.

Head of HSE International Organizations Research Institute Awarded Honorary Diploma by the President of Russia

Dr. Marina Larionova, Head of the International Organizations Research Institute has been awarded with Honorary Diploma by the President of the Russian Federation for contribution to social and economic development of Russia, working achievements, public activities and longstanding dedicated work.

Illustration for news: It's Important to Know What You're Better at and What You Can Be Successful at

It's Important to Know What You're Better at and What You Can Be Successful at

Business is fashionable, but how do you know what your calling is? The ‘chocolate baron’ from the International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF), Oleg Guskov, told 'Success Builder' how to build a business around sweets, whether a luxurious lifestyle can motivate you to open your business, whether it’s possible to recoup investments in just a month, and why you should lure in workers from women’s magazines.

Illustration for news: 'In Times of Misunderstanding, We Must Remember Our Alliance during WWII'

'In Times of Misunderstanding, We Must Remember Our Alliance during WWII'

On April 24, Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia (2008-2012) John Beyrle gave a lecture at the Higher School of Economics on American and Soviet cooperation in the Second World War. The lecture also commemorated the 70th anniversary of Elbe Day, when Soviet and American troops met at the River Elbe on April 25, 1945.

Illustration for news: 'In Business, Not Having Optimism Could Be the Death of You'

'In Business, Not Having Optimism Could Be the Death of You'

You don’t have to invent a new business model, but can simply take one and use it on an existing market with a smaller project that will work for the benefit of the Russian economy. This is what HSE alumnus Pavel Mokrushin, the owner of the café chain  Brusnika  (Lingonberry), did. He tells Success Builder why he studied at HSE after Moscow State, as well as how what he does is better than the warm chair of a clerk and how the small café is able to survive among the 66 restaurants on Maroseyka Street.

‘My Father Wanted the Americans to Know How Many Soviet Citizens Suffered in This War’

On April 24, HSE will host a talk by John Beyrle, U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation 2008-2012 marking the 70th anniversary of the meeting of the Allied Armies at the Elbe, and U.S./Soviet cooperation during the Second World War. For John Beyrle, the Second World War is a very personal story.

HSE Students Launch Their Start-ups

On April 15, the finale of the student project 'Battle of the Businesses', a sort of educational platform for young businessmen, will take place. Over the course of six weeks, participants have been creating their own businesses under the supervision of accomplished entrepreneurs, and they saw their projects go from the idea stage to realization and profit.

Illustration for news: 'We Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Admit When We Aren’t Yet Capable of Doing Something'

'We Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Admit When We Aren’t Yet Capable of Doing Something'

If you can explain why your project will be a success, investments in your business are guaranteed under any conditions. HSE alumnus and chairman of the board of directors at the 'R-Pharm' group, Alexey Repik, told 'Success Builder' what how to phase out of imports properly, how the government can help entrepreneurs, and how to turn extending people’s lives into a business.


of Russians have taken part in actions to help the needy over the last year.

Illustration for news: 'We Directly Applied Our University Knowledge to Business'

'We Directly Applied Our University Knowledge to Business'

Projects rarely become profitable right away, but if one learns from their mistakes and does not give up, success is sure to follow. In its six years of existence, the Timepad project has had its ups and downs, but in the end it became a market leader. Timepad’s creators – Ludmila Pavlova, Daria Ustyuzhanina, and Artem Kiselev, all HSE alumni – told Success Builder about the advantages of the Russian market, how to avoid spending money on advertising, and how to earn over 100 million rubles without selling your idea.