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Wednesday, October 28

International Conference ’Design: Vertical & Horizontal Growth’


Research Seminar of 'Culture Matters' Series. 'Russian Cultural Patterns: Addressing the Challenge of Raising Individual Responsibility' by Olga Kovbasyuk


'Post-Covid World. The Future is Now' Series: 'Do We Need Marketers in the Era of Digitalization and Automation?'


Business seminar 'News Media Data Collection and Open Data APIs'


Centre for Spatial Econometrics in Applied Macroeconomic Research Seminar. 'Spatial modelling of voting preferences: the “mystery” of the Tatarstan Republic' by Lada Kuletskaya


Thursday, October 29

XI International Russian Higher Education Conference 'Higher Education and Pandemiс: New Challenges and Sustainable Responses'


MSc Programme in Financial Economics Webinar 'Top Strategies for Starting a Successful International Career in Financial Economics'


HSE Graduate Becomes Deputy Minister of Finance

Maxim Oreshkin, a graduate of the HSE Faculty of Economics has been appointed Deputy to the Head of Russia’s Ministry of Finance, Anton Siluanov.

Illustration for news: 'We Directly Applied Our University Knowledge to Business'

'We Directly Applied Our University Knowledge to Business'

Projects rarely become profitable right away, but if one learns from their mistakes and does not give up, success is sure to follow. In its six years of existence, the Timepad project has had its ups and downs, but in the end it became a market leader. Timepad’s creators – Ludmila Pavlova, Daria Ustyuzhanina, and Artem Kiselev, all HSE alumni – told Success Builder about the advantages of the Russian market, how to avoid spending money on advertising, and how to earn over 100 million rubles without selling your idea.

Illustration for news: ‘We Are Not Ecologists at All – And That’s a Huge Plus’

‘We Are Not Ecologists at All – And That’s a Huge Plus’

The Recycle project began as an online journal about living an environmentally friendly lifestyle in the city, but in less than a year it went offline into real life. Now its staff members organize recycling collection points, give lectures at large companies and battle the myth that sustainability always has a tinge of craziness. In this edition of ‘Success Builder’, Recycle cofounder Elena Barysheva tells about people’s willingness to change, Wi-Fi enabled recycling centres and inexpensive environmentally friendly products.

Illustration for news: 'I Create Beautiful Clothing for Beautiful Women'

'I Create Beautiful Clothing for Beautiful Women'

Is it easy being a Russian clothing designer when factories cost, China sews, and discounts on cheap foreign brands can reach 70%? Everything is in authorship. HSE alumna Luda Nukishina tells Success Builder why business must be done in Moscow, how a Russian designer is better than H&M, and how to make things that people will definitely buy.

Illustration for news: 'The City Is the Most Complex Thing Anyone Has Ever Thought up'

'The City Is the Most Complex Thing Anyone Has Ever Thought up'

Urban studies is a new field of study for Russia that is devoted to the sustainable development and use of city space. As part of the Success Builder project, Egor Korobeynikov, who is the creator of UrbanUrban and an HSE alumnus, talks about how he turned into an urbanist from a bank teller, and also about why Moscow should not be made into Europe and what officials need to be told.

Illustration for news: A Great Chance of Going Global

A Great Chance of Going Global

January 28 saw the launch of a Kickstarter project developed by graduates from the HSE’s International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF).

Illustration for news: 'Journalism Is a Very Simple Profession'

'Journalism Is a Very Simple Profession'

In November, Ilya Azar, a journalist and graduate of the Higher School of Economics, won the HSE Alumni Awards in the category ‘Fourth Estate’. In this edition of Success Builder, Ilya speaks about how to get a job in the media, what journalistic ethics are, and how to survive in the hot spots without body armour.

Illustration for news: 'The Worst Thing You Can Do in Launching a Project, Is Think about Money'

'The Worst Thing You Can Do in Launching a Project, Is Think about Money'

A great idea is not enough for a startup; you have to be persistent in your search for investors, never give up, and find talented engineers ready to solve random technical issues for the sake of an ‘idea.’ Grachik Adjamyan, who is a graduate of the Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM) and the creator of the projects Budist.ru and Wakie.com, tells Success Builder how he overcame a number of hurdles in building his startup and headed to Silicon Valley to find investors.

Illustration for news: 'Life Insurance – As a Concept It's Nothing New, It's Just Been Forgotten'

'Life Insurance – As a Concept It's Nothing New, It's Just Been Forgotten'

According to Maxim Chernin, director of Sberbank Insurance and HSE graduate, you need to be a good psychologist when proposing life insurance to a client. He tells us what it's like to work in the business of 'human life', whether creativity has any place in insurance work and how to inculcate a culture of medical check-ups.

Illustration for news: 'Money Is Far from the Most Important Thing in Cinema if People Are Motivated'

'Money Is Far from the Most Important Thing in Cinema if People Are Motivated'

In November 2014 the film 'The Son' about the problems of choice in a typical life and death existential situation went on general release in Russia. It is independent filmmaker Arseny Gonchukov’s third full-length feature film. In the 'Success Builder' series he talks about how to shoot and promote auteur cinema on a minimal budget and win film festival prizes.